for a change (swaragini) epi 43

Hiiii darlings tnk u for ur responcee nd sorry for not replying in previous epi nd plzzz darlings don’t be angry on me and scold mee for this shock nd twist .don’t get confused yaa shourya raped ragini .really sorry for that

Scene shifts to laksh
Laksh returned from mumbai 2days before only by completing his work .he want to surprise rag so he didn’t informed that he is coming

Laksh(in mind):iam coming darling nd can’t wait to reach homee .I wnt to see the reaction of u after seeing mee

Scene shifts to trags unconscious face of rags

Suddenly a car is stopped in front of her a person from car came out nd screen zooms on the person he is none other than laksh

Laksh:coudnt see rags face
Laksh:I think she fanted nd went to help her nd is shocked to see rag in that condition

Laksh:ragini…….ragini….. what happened .his mind was blocked nd took her to hospital

In hos
Doctor came out after half an hour

Laksh:doc how is she ?what happened to her ?

Doc:she is fine she became unconsious due to shock nd weekness

Doc:haa she is raped by someone

Laksh was hell.shocked

Dac:she will come to conscious with in half an hour u can go nd sit with her

Laksh:doc plzz take her samples I will case a complaint

Doc:I have already done it

Laksh went inside the room nd was speech less bY seeing her condition .he sat near her nd hold her hand with his hands

Laksh:iam sorry ragini I failed as a hus by not protecting u .but I promise u I will not leave the person .

In the mean rag gain her conious .she slowly opened her eyes .nd was struggling to sit

Laksh saw her nd made her sit

Laksh:u r ok now we can leave now

Rag was not responding nd even didn’t see towards him

Rag was numb
Laksh:plzz rag talk something

Rag was still in a shck only

In the mean time doc came
Laksh:doc y is she not talking

Doc:she is little afraid so she is in a shock .she will bee finee slowlyy

Laksh:tnk u doc can I take her now

Doc:ok I wil give her discharge file

Laksh was about to hold her
Rag:don’t touch mee

Laksh understood her situation .
Laksh:its ok iam ur laksh I came now nd nothing happened to u u r finee

Rag:saw laksh nd hugged him tightly nd started crying

Laksh:cuped her face with his hands nd wiped her tears .
Laksh:noo don’t cry u r very brave naa common

They went homee

Janaki was tensed as rag didn’t reach home nd suddenly bell rang she ran to open it thinking it as rag .nd was shocked to see rag nd laksh

Laksh took her to her room nd made her sleep nd came out

Janaki:laksh what happened to her

Laksh explained her every thing

Janaki was shocked

Suddenly they hear rags shout nd ran to her rom

Rag was dreaming .she is shouting that .don’t touch mee .don’t come near me .plzzz leave mee
Laksh went near her nd hold her shoulder .she jerked his hand all of a sudden nd ran nd sat in a corner nd started shivering

Laksh want to console her but she is afraid of seeing any one

Janaki:laksh give her some time she will bee finee

Laksh came out nd hugged janaki nd cried
Laksh:I can’t see her like this maa .y this happened maa.

Scene shifted to rag
Rag went to wash room nd started a shower nd sat down by crying . Vigorously
She remembered shourya touching her body nd started rubbing her whole body

Screen freezes with crying faces of rag lak

Plzz don’t stop reading my ff.
Urs darling pavani

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  1. i am going to quit reading your ff
    haha lol i know akka ,you have something in your mind
    whatever it maybe i will read it untill the end

    1. pavani darling

      Tnk u darling I know I dissapointed many of them but sorry my tiltle is about a change

  2. y u planned this part really very upset to read it but waiting for this right justice..

  3. waiting for next….shaurya should b punished vigorously

  4. awsm epi….feeling sad for rags…….

  5. oh god feeling sad for ragu

  6. So sad di shourya should be punished very badly di just hate shourya…..update next part soon and give the justice which is not given to any women in our country hope u get what I said

  7. nice ep
    but feeling sad for ragini

  8. Why are you unsing Swaragini in your title i haven’t seen Swara and Sanky from so many chapters. Even in the show they show more Ragini and Lakshya then you show Swara and Sanky in you FF.

  9. Yar good part but feeling sad for rags condition..

  10. akka ponga i’m crying i cant dygest this. i cant imagine also rag in this condition. akka the hell shourya…… i’ll kill him. soon clear this prob akka.
    akka i’m missing sanky plz give him atleast 1 scene.

  11. Vry sad..waiting for nxt prt

  12. Akka plz just make itvas a dream of shourya or laksh plz..

  13. Oh my poor rags…he shuld b punished badly

  14. It is sad!! But nice update…

  15. It was very emotional yr… I felt lyk crying…poor rags… Can’t c her in this condition

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