for a change (swaragini) epi 42


Sakshi:I know I was wrong but I have done all this in anger .I lost my bro whome I love most .nd after that I realised that I have done mistake by seperating those two lovers as after that raj fully changed he became more heart less nd more cruel .I felt bad that y I have punished him for his fathers doing .then immedietly I told every thing to janaki she excused mee but she took a promise that I should not tell this to laksh nd also I should change raj again to normal nd start my new life with him

Rag:was shocked :what???? Maa know this

Sakshi:haa thats y she always supports raj tough laksh scolds him

Rag:if laksh knows this

Sakshi:hee hates mee which I desrve.I know iam not his own mother but I love him more,than shourya so I can’t bare if hee hates mee

Rag:don’t worry I will not tell him .I can’t see him heart broken

Sakshi:iam happy that he got u in his life

Rag:gave a warm smile nd said:who is manav .what is ur relation

Sakshi:manav is life of ankita nd ankita is my brother daughter

Rag:so u r afraid that if any one come to know about her reality they may kill her for money

Sakshi gave a warm smile nd said :I tought u will be angry on mee nd will tell every thing to laksh

Rag:I was angry but u were right if iam in ur position I would have done this only .I too have a sibbling I know how it pains by loosing them

Sakshi:kept her hand on rags head nd said:god bless u

Rag:ok aunty I will leave now should goo nd join in my job

She is about to goo

Sakshi:I forget to tell u one thing .shourya returned from jail u take care he is cruel he dont have any mercy .he is just like his grand father

Rag:don’t worry maa I will bee fine nd he can’t do anything to mee

Rag was about to goo just then shou entered home

Shou:listened that u got married .don’t worry sweetheart I will not forget u nd ur helpp

Rag:its my pleasure devarjii .

Shou:smirks ur count to hell start with in a week I will totally spoil ur life

Rag:smerks I tought in jail they gave u dhock very badly thats y ur brain was also not working

Shou:will see who wins
Rag left from there

Days passed rag was missing laksh very badly .laksh was little busy in case that he not even called her once .rag was feeling lonley

One day she got late in office

Manav:come rag I will drop u

Rag:noo need I will goo by auto

Manav:don’t talk just come with mee

They were about to leave manav got a call by ankitaa

Manav to rag:just a min
He picked the call

Manav:haa tell mee

Ankita:come fast I have an imp work with u .come in half an hour .

Manav is about to talk she cutted the call with out waiting for his ans

Rag:ok u goo I will managee

Rag was waiting for auto suddenly a car came nd stopped in front of her

Rag was shocked to see the person
Yes it was shou
Rag was tensed nd started moving from there

Shou:wr r u going babhi

Rag didn’t ansered him nd was trying to call sakshi with a hope that she will call shou from hear

She called her but suddenly a hard hand hold her hand nd pulled her

The phone fell down nd there sakshi lifted the phone

Sakshi can listen what is happening there

Rag:leave my hand shou .is laksh came to know about this he will not see that u r hid brother

Shou:I know this time ur hero is not there in the I will show u both if shou ego hurts what happens

Rag was shocked nd was trying to escape but he dragged her into the car nd locked it .rag was screaming nd pleading him to leave but he didn’t show any sympathy he forced her she was screaming In pain

Sakshi who was listening to all this was collapsed on the floor at once

After an hour

Shou pushed rag out of the car nd left from there

Rag tried to get up but she feels dizzy nd fell down unconcious on the main road

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Last part was shocking….i hope nthng will happen to rags…..update one more part today….

  2. Nyc di but last part was shocking and confusing for me…..update next part soon di belated happy mother’s day di

    1. Its the same priya who always comment u di sry I cmntd in my another id

  3. hey pavni u r back

  4. its very shocking… did shourya do anything wrong wid ragini….m very confused… pls update next part soon n hope ragini is fine

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  7. nice epi akka but feeling very sad for ragini

  8. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    I hope sharia didn’t rape Ragini! Update soon

  9. Awesome it WS superb but plzzzzz don’t tell me dat dog shourya raped her plzzzzzzzzz

  10. Last part was shocking di and poor rags. Eagerly waiting for next episode

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  12. Nice.

  13. nice and very interesting

  14. Omg yr i can’t believe this… Its so shocking.. Shourya is so cruel

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