for a change (swaragini) epi 41



Sakshi took her to her room
Rag:wt r u doing aunty .what uncle is saying maa cheated him .whats going onn

Sakshi:u r trusting himmmm

Rag:I want only truthhh noo more lies (with a sharp look)

Sakshi:ok I will tell u .iam not telling this as iam afraid of u but iam saying this so that I can reduse some burden for the sin I have commited the years agoo

Fb shows
Sakshi was a fun loving girl living with her bro .her parents expired when they were small .she loves her bro very much nd her bro was a famous bussiness tyco nd a is very famous for his social welfare programs.

Raj started loving janaki nd started to change for janaki .raj.’s father didn’t like this .(his father was very cruel due to which raj became like that .).he want to marry raj with sakshi so that raj can enter politics with his fame .but sakshi bro rejected to it nd raj father killed her bro nd married raj to janaki .he created misunderstanding in raj by saying janaki have an affair with some other nd sakshi helped him by doing soo as she want to take revange from raj’s father by distroying his sons life by taking away his love away from him.
Sakshi have sent the person to janaki to threaten them by saying that raj send him to create diff btwn janaki nd raj nd she should not return again .but raj’s farher told him to kil her .sakshi heared it nd went to save her but he was already killed by janaki
Fb ends
Sakshi:now tell mee did my anger was wrong .if my anger on that time was wrong then y u want to take revange from the family which distroyed our family

Rag was shocked

Episode ends
Screen freezes with shocking face of rags
Darlings I know its very short but sorry iam busy thats y urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. nice. next ep update fast.

  2. Nice make it long

  3. Superb dear

  4. akka naku kolapanga undi. janki evarni champeru? again plz tell me y jan went to jail? plz.

    1. pavani darling

      Laksh killed a man who came to kill janakii that was send by raj father .janaki took the blame on her

      1. thnq akka ipudu nan doubt clear ayndi. raj father sent a man to kill janki. sakshi over hear this n tries to stop but b4 that lak killed him jan took blame. thnq akka.

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