for a change (swaragini) epi 40

Hii darlings iam really sorry for being irregular as I told u alredy I came for vaccation nd to see my bro I came to Hyderabad so little busy by enjoying with him nd sending our slefies to my hus(to make him jelous ha ha ha).nd plzz excuse mee ur darling sis

Rag went to washroom nd came out to help janaki
Janaki:good morning beta

Rag:good morning maa(with a broad smile that shows her happeness)

Janaki:whats the matter u sounds col today

Rag:nothing maa

Laksh:voo actually I got a new case nd I should goo to mumbai for a week to gather some information about the case

Rags face changed to palee

Janaki:u can goo after some days u are married now only give some time to ur wife
Nd u handle it to some other

Laksh:no maa its imp thats y iam going otherwise I couldn’t have handled this case

Janaki:ok come fast nd saw rags sadly who gave her a fake smile.

Laksh:rag plzz pack my stuff I should leve this evening only

In room
When she entered she was forcely pulledby some one nd hugged her tightly (ya its our laksh)
Rag too hugged him tightly with a drop of tears in her eyes

Laksh:plzzz don’t cry it weekens mee nd iam so……(he was interrepted by rag by keeping her soft lips on him)
It was a soft one
Rag:noo need of explaination I know its ur duty .iam happy that u choosed ur duty first than mee.I want to become ur strength not ur weweaknes (she gave warm smile)

Laksh:again hugged her tightly I will mis u
Rag:I too but don’t worry u will get ur punishment after ur return
They talk for some time nd laksh left

To night rag . Was badly missing laksh

Next day
Rag:maa I will join my work today
Janaki:ok I will make something In ur carriage
Rag:noo need maa I will have in canteen

Rag left
In office
Manav:woww u came soo early
Rag:an inp work with u
Manav:with mee?
Rag:haa what is relation btwn u nd sakshi aunty
Manav was stunned by her question
Manav:who is sakshi aunty
Rag:gave a victorious smile nd manav gave her confusing look by seeing her
Rag:this proves that u r hiding something thats y u r lying.I saw u nd auty in xxx road day before yesterday

Manav was shocked
Rag:soo tell me did aunty is helping u
Manav:it is none of ur bussiness
Rag:it iss my bussiness nd iam asking about my family
Manav:I am not interested in telling any one anything
Rag:ok I will ask her onlyy nd this is my resegnation letter
She left nd manav immediately called sakshi nd informed her

Rag went to raj house

Raj:y u came hear
Rag:I have some work
Raj:what is that
Rag:I don’t want to talk to the person who can betrey his wife nd leave his own chaild
Raj:what nonsense
Rag:nonsensee…. what u did with my janaki momm
Raj:don’t talk about her I didn’t left her she left mee .nd she betrayed mee.I completely changed for her but shee………..

He was interupted by sakshis voice
Rag was shocked for what hee said
Screen freezes with shocking face of ragini
Recap :don’t know
I know its a small one but sorry situation demanded

I want to give u all some promo
A bad incedent happens in raglak life which shatters their life .
1)rag want to leave laksh
2)laksh was heart broken
(1)as his love want to go away from him
(2)he came to know about the betrayal of his sakshi maa

Don’t know just thinking for it but if I get any other idea I will change my plann

Urs darling pavani akkaaaaaaa(sis)

Credit to: pavani


  1. Awesome di even I m n enjoying in my native with my bros and SIS’s miss u a lot di….but I know di when bros are with us na they won’t leave us to do anything ??? miss u di

  2. Aastha

    epi chala baga undi akka. naku okka doubt undi. manav shakshi ni koduka? anyway akka i miss u a lot. when u r coming to blaspur? r u reafing my ff? u r getting time for that? i miss u.

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