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Hii darlings iam very angry for the first time on these telly updates .with a lot of difficulty for the first time I tried to write some romance btwn couple yesterday but these telly updates don’t know y they didn’t posted .sorry yar telly updates but wt to doo iam week in writing romantic sequences with much difficulty I wrote that but u people …
Ok…. ok…now iam cool after scolding u telly nd my darlings tnk u for ur response in last update nd if this episode is repeated tn iam really sorry nd if u don’t like this iam sorry for that .I stopped my before 3ffs as I am week in writing these romantic scens but this time I dared .sorry for this long nonsense hear we goo

Laksh avoided ragini .ragini continously tried to talk to him but he avoided her

After 3days they reached their home

Rag after completing her whole house hold work is about to goo

Janaki:is any thing happened btwn u two
Rag:nothing like that maa
Janaki:don’t lie nd I want to tell u one thing
He is little stuborn but u shold make him understand his mistake
Rag:gave a warm smile
Janaki:I know u will thats y I married him to u

In their room
When rag reached she saw laksh was about to sleep
Rag:laksh I want to talk with u
Laksh:I don’t want to
Rag:enough of it laksh what do u think of ur self haa .I already told u that it may bee my misunderstanding .nd iam not pointing sakshi aunty I just want to clarify my doubt so I asked u .if it hurted u then iam sorry .but …….. u r avoiding mee?.u r reacting too much nd now also if u want to bee like this then its ok its ur wish I wil also doo the same nd I don’t want to hurt maa soo plzz its my request that be normal before maa(she is having tears In her eyes )

She is about to goo laksh hold her hand
Rag turned back nd saw laksh
Laksh:iam sorry .I just lost my temper .I know how she saw mee after my mom went to jail nd thats y she is also equal to my mom soo I became emotional

Rag :I can understand nd iam sorry too

Laksh hugged her tightly plzz don’t ever leave mee if I scold u or slap u in anger .I can’t live with out u

Rag:released the hug :that mean u will slap mee???(by keeping her hands on her waist )

Laksh:noo if it happens also (he pulled her towards himself by holding her waist )don’t dare to leave mee

Rag:ok I will think about to (by roaming her eyes )

Laksh:tightened his grip :really
They have a sweet eyelock
Laksh slowly came near her nd kissed her forehead .she closed her eyes .he kissed her eyes then slowly he came to her lips nd kissed them she too reciprocated it became a passionate/ one they break it for some air

Rags fees shy nd started blushing by bending her head

Laksh slowly lifted her head she is more blushing he kept his face near her ears
Laksh:don’t blush more I may do it harder

Rag pushed him nd is about to run due to shyness laksh hold her pallu .her heart started beating faster.he slowly removed her pallu .she crossed her hands arond her brest to cover it .he went near her nd slowly removed her hands nd hugged her tightly .

He slowly moved his hand under her blouse nd pressed her nipple .she made a sound(u all know which sound I mean).this suond made him crazy nd he lifted her on his arms nd lied her on bed

Hee slowly removed her saree nd then he undressed him also.he started kissing her neck she tightened hher grip aroung him .this made him crazy nd started kissing all the parts of her body .hee slowly moved towards her brest nd started sucking it .this made her to more crazy nd she went up on him by making him down(I mean lak down nd rag up).he slowly started keeping his thing in her it pained a little .so she made a sound (ahhh)
Laksh:it will be only for the first time (he mean pain).
Rag:its ok iam enjoying this too (naughtyly)

This made him more tempting nd he closed the blanket around them nd they consumate their marriage

Sun rays slightly falls on rags face .she woke up nd saw laksh who is sleeping peacefully she leaned towards him nd kissed him on his forehead laksh tightened his grip around her waist

Rag:u r awake ?

Laksh:haa but iam tired .u didn’t allow mee to sleep whole night

Rag:how meann I didn’t allowed u to sleep ??then sleep nd she is about to goo but then recognised that she is undressed

Rag:u cover ur self with another blanket nd give . This to mee

Laksh:noo what u will doo

Rag:rag was about to pull the blanket laksh pulled it from otherside nd she fall on him

Laksh:woww u want it again (naughtyly)
Rag:turned her head but he pulled her more closer to him

Rag:leave mee laksh
Laksh:never nd ever
They have an eyelock
Screen freezes with eyelock of raglak

Recap:don’t know
Tnk u for baring mee I think they done right by not uploading before one as I fell it is better than that .nd sorry if I didn’t entertain u .urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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