for a change (swaragini) epi 38


Hii darlings tnk u for ur support nd I think its boaring now adays isn’t it ??.k I will try to bring some interest in u

Laksh was ignoring ragini
Night after dinner in raglak room

Laksh went to his bed for sleep

Laksh ignored her
Rag:what what is this laksh .ok may bee its a missunderstanding I didn’t done it intensanally .why wil lie to u nd I don’t want any secrects in btwn us thats y I want to clarify my doubt thats it why are u making it an issue .if I hurt ur feelings tn iam sorry

I can’t run behind u for,ur excuse with out my mistake soo if u want to be like this only then its ok

She is about to leave laksh hold her hand nd pulled her towards him .he pinned her to the wall they have a romantic eye lock

Laksh:hugged her nd said:iam sorry I can control my anger nd ha I know u won’t tell lies but iam not ready to listen anything against her .sorry

Rag:released the hug turned to other side(giving silly expressions ):its ok I excused

Laksh:ohh really (he kept his hand on her waist)thank u (he pinched her waist)


Laksh:haa (huskyly) today I wont leave u

Rag:plzzzz noooo

Laksh:never nd everr

Hee tightened his grip .she closed her eyes .hee slightly kissed her cheeks .her body started shivering .he came to her lips first he slightly kissed her lips she too reciprocated with was gentle in starting but it became hard next it continued for 10min nd break it for air

Rag avoided eye contact due to shy ness
Laksh raised her head by holding her chin .she is blushing in shyness
Laksh:don’t bluss plzz I can’t control my self (hee kept his hand on her waist nd pulled her closee )he kept his head near her ear :I may do it hard

Rag blushed nd pushed him nd is about to run laksh hold her pallu .she stoped nd her started beating fastly he slowly removed her pallu she kept her hands on her brest to cover it nd closed her eyes.laksh went near her nd removed hands nd hugged her she too hugged him back .hee slowly kissed her neck .she tightened her grip.
Hee slowly moved his hand under her blouse then he pressed her brest .rag made a sound (u know what I mean)

He hold her in his arms nd kept her on bed
Hee started removing her saree then he too undressed himself .now he leaned on her nd started kissing her whole body .she crossed her hands across him and pulled his hair .this made him more crazy nd he started sucking her brest harder.this made her crazy nd she mde him lie down nd she went up on him nd started kissing his whole body .now they closed them selfs in a blanket nd consumate their marriage

The sun rays falls on rags who is sleeping on lakshs chest .she opened her eyes nd saw laksh who is sleeping peacefully nd kissed him on his forehead .by this laksh woke up nd tightned his grip.across her

Rag:laksh leave mee now I should goo down

Laksh:noo I will not I want my morning dosee

Rag kissed on his lips
Rag:now leave mee

Laksh:I didn’t get my dose

Rag:I kissed u naa
Laksh:iam not talking about kiss I want (he lookied naughtyly nd pressed her brest)

Rag:chii laksh its morning u don’t have time to romance

Laksh:romance don’t need time
Rag:but I have to goo noww what mom nd all will think

Laksh:wt they don’t know or what “what a newly married couple will doo”(naughtyly)

Rag:u became shame less

Laksh:Iam shame less from starting

Hee pulled her nd closed the blanket again

Episode ends

Recap:don’t know

Sorry for only one update nd haa nd really sorry darlings iam week in writing romantic scens thats y till now I ended my ffs before marriage only but I tried to write romance for the first time nd hope u will like it .
Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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