for a change (swaragini) epi 37


Hii darlings tnk u for ur responce I know u r missing some suspence nd mistory don’t worry u will get them soon

They left
Screen shifts to manav talking to a person Nd the persons face is reveiled to sakshi

Manav:ok maa I will leave now ankita will bee waiting for mee

Sakshi:ok nd tell my haa keep my daughter safe nd I can’t excuse mee if anything happens to her

Manav:don’t worry maa she is my responsibility.nd tnk u very much maa nd plzz take care of urself if he comes to know about us he may harm u

Janaki:don’t worry I don’t bother about my life nd I know if any thing happens to mee also laksh will take care of bulbul

Manav:iam sorry for shourya maa

Sakshi:noo its ok every one should bee punished for their sins nd it is better if shourya is changed while returning

Manav:I too wish soo .

Screen shifts to rags house
All welcomed them happyly they have some quality time together

Rag was thinking in her room about sakshi
Suddenly laksh came from back nd hugged her

Rag was jerked nd turned nd saw laksh

Rag:laksh u scared mee

Laksh:scared .are yar y god y u gave this unromantic wife to mee

Rag:iam romantic

Laksh:really I can’t see that in any angle

Rag:ok may be iam not romantic nd I want to talk with u

Laksh:ohoo about what??(romantically)

Rag:do u know about manav before

Laksh:noo I have sen him with u for the first time

Rag:I have seen manav with sakshi aunty

Laksh:may bee they met there only

Rag:noo by seeing them I think they were very close

Laksh:soo what happen it is good only naa .
Rag:noo its not god I know manav want to take revange from ur dad sooo

Laksh:soo what do u want to say ?.(little bit serious)

Rag:voo I think aunty is helping manav

Laksh:shut up rag if u don’t know any thing just keep quite .what u know about maasi

Rag:noo iam not blaming her I think she is hiding something .

Laksh:shhh I don’t want to listen any thing about maasi nd if u want to talk about this then iam not intrested nd he left from there angryly

Episode ends

Recap :don’t know
I know its small update but sorry

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Nice….reveal the suspense soon….

  2. suspence ga undi akka. chikram reveal it. good epi akka.

  3. Awesome di waiting for the next update

  4. superb episode di

  5. You nailed it… upload the nxt prt asap

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