for a change (swaragini) epi 36


Hii darlings tnk u very much for ur love nd support

Laksh:u goo,momm I will handle her
Janaki left nd laksh knocked the door
Rag:don’t disturb mee iam sleeping

Laksh:even I too want to sleep open the door

Rag:noo go nd sleep with ur momm

Laksh didn’t replied
Rag was waiting for his reply nd thinking he really left

Some one tabbed her sholder
Rag(didn’t noticed who is hee):and removed his hand
Person again tabbed
Rag:are what is ur problem iam busy now (she is still looking at the door for laksh)

Person:waiting for my reply
Rag jerked by listing to the voice
Rag:what r u doing hear laksh.nd how u came hear
Laksh:showed balcony
Rag:y u came I told u naa not to come

Laksh:voo actually (he came near to her)I came hear to spend some time with my wifee

Rag:ohh really then goo y u came near mee

Laksh(he came more close):u don’t know?????

Laksh:ok I will show u y,I came

Rag::really I bet u can’t doo any thing

Laksh:what ???
Rag:haa u are a kid I know u atleast don’t know what to doo also I think I should tell u every thing

Laksh:what do u mean??nd iam not a kid nd I know every thing

Rag:(by laughing):really u know ok tell mee what will you doo .

Laksh:noo I will not tell u r shame less (he went away from her)

Rag:ok I think I should teach u

Laksh:(was fuly shocked for her behaviour):what r I doing (she is coming close to him nd pushed him on bed nd ran from there to door )

Laksh:didnt understand whats going on

Rag:byee (by winking her eye)

Laksh:soo u r acting ..this is cheating .

Rag:tit for tatt

Laksh: still how many days I should wait

Rag:till u impress mee

Laksh was about to come she ran from there to janaki room
Laksh smiled for her chaildish behaviour

In janaki room
Janaki:u came hear
Rag:don’t talk with mee. u cheated mee .se u showed me that iam ur daughter in law by suporting ur son
Janaki:don’t say like that u two r equal to me.I just did it for fun iam sorry (she have tears in her eyes)

Rag:ohoo maa how can I bee angry on u I was just kidding nd u made mee emotional
(They both hugged)

Janaki:u,started teesing him again .that’s not fair

Rag:maa don’t support him again

Janaki:ok baba what wil u doo,now

Rag:nothing just sleep with u

Janaki:ok lets sleep

Rag woke up early nd helped janaki in kitchen

Rag:maa I want to join my duty again

Janaki:ofcourase u can

Rag:k maa I will inform manav that I will come from tomorrow

Janaki:not tomorrow after 3 days .
Voice:today we came to take u all to our house
Rag :dadd.she ran to him nd hugged,him

Shekar:haa u remember mee I tought u forget,mee completely


Sumi:u know what babhi she atleast didn’t call,mee in these 3days .

Rag:maa u alsoo

Shekar:ok we don’t want to talk with u .janaki u go nd pack urs nd ur son nd daughter-in-laws luggage

Janaki:my son nd daughter bhai

Sumi:haa ur daughter only
All started laughing nd they all have a group hug
Laksh saw all this and felt happy for his momm

Rag:mom u wait I will pack nd she went to her room nd saw laksh not there nd relaxed

She entered the room some one hold her from back
Laksh:how do u know its mee
Rag:who dare to touch me rather than u
Laksh:ohoo (he turned her towards,him ):tnk u I saw mom happy after many days
Rag:not ur,mom she is our mom
They both hugged

They were leaving
Rag:dad u all goo I will come by meeting manav

Laksh:is it necessary

Rag:haa I should extend my leave
Laksh:ok papa u leave we two will come

Rag sat on bike by hugging him
.laksh:u will run from bed room with out giving time for mee to romance nd now before public u want to romancee

Rag:shut up laksh

On the way rag saw manavs car nd she is about to call laksh but she saw one more person with manav nd stopped

Episode ends
Screen freezes with doubting face of rag

Recap:not yet decided

Credit to: pavani

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  1. smooth epi akka. last scene is interesting. 2day i’m not telling any stupid guess. waiting for nxt part. thoraga update akka.

  2. Superb di and waiting for next part

  3. Awesome waiting for next part di

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