for a change (swaragini) epi 35

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Rag:that means u didn’t slept


Rag:u cheater then y u acted any ways leave what have happed yesterday nd bye I have to leave now nd was about to goo laksh hold her hand

Laksh:draged her towards him nd said :how can I forget it

Rag:laksh plzz leavee mee

Laksh:ok u goo nd he left her
Rag ran into wash room

In wash room
Rag:ohh shut my plan back fired nd its my.falt what is necessary to kiss him stupid can’t u control ur self for few days

She completed her bath nd came out nd saw laksh not there in.romm nd relaxed Nd went for breakfast

At dining table
Janaki:we r waiting for u only
Rag:gave a nd looked towards laksh who blinked his eye towards her
JanakI took rag with her to kitchen to bring nastha

Janaki:ur plan starts from today naa

Laksh:come fast maa
Janaki left from there
Rag:(in mind)):noo if I tell maa she will tease mee no I will not tell her what happened nd went to dining table

Rag sat side of janaki
Janaki:today I made kheer (in rag ears it is good to start a wook with sweet the work will bee sucessfull soo ur work wil bee sucessfull)

Rag:don’t know what to say she is numb nd gave a fake smile

Laksh:woww maa u added KISS miss in it (by looking at rags )
Rag:who was eating splitted out kher after listening to word KISS

Laksh:who looked her started smiling

Janaki:wt happened rag r u ok

Rag:was about to talk she sensed that laksh kept his feet on her she was shocked nd was numb

Janaki:rag what happened (now she shaked her)

Rag:came to senses nd said iam finee nd hitted lakshs leg hardly with her leg

Janaki:now what happened to u
Laksh:nothing maa

The whole day rag tried her best to avoid laksh
Rag(in mind):wt to do now if I enter what he will doo then I can’t control my self ok I will sleep with maa nd she is about to go to janakis room some one closed her mouth nd draged her to her room

She is about to shout but saw laksh nd stopped

Rag:wt r u doingLaksh.I was scared
Laksh:wr r u going
Rag:voo…. ha actually iam going to talk with maa
Laksh:to talk with her or to sleep there

Rag:was shocked
Laksh:I know about u don’t act smart iam smarter than u
Rag:soo what I if I sleep there what will happen
Laksh:y u want to sleep there
Rag:was numb
Laksh:y r u doing this.see into my eyes nd say u don’t love mee

Rag:became emotional nd hugged him iam sorry I was just teesing u

Rag:haa I want to teese u but u r tesing mee

Laksh:burst out laughing nd said :maa she accepted this early

Janaki:haa I too tought she will not accept soo easily but see she seems to be stuborn but she is very emotional

Rag:was shocked nd gave a deadly look to janaki

Janaki:I didn’t told him but he listened to us that day
Fb shows
When rag was saying laksh sees this nd janaki saw laksh nd about to tell to rag laksh signed her to not to tell
Fb ends

Rag:u two cheated mee
Laksh:we didn’t cheated u but u r a fool to believe (he laughed )

Janaki:just for some kick
Nd laksh nd janaki gave hifiii
Rag went into room nd closed the door

Epi ends scren freezes with angry face of rag nd laughing faces of laksh nd Janaki
.recap:not yet decided

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