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Dear Visitors,

To improve quality of comments on our websites, as well as to minimize misuse by some, we have decided to moderate all comments. What does this mean you ask? This means that we will be reviewing every comment you submit and approve only those that match our guidelines. The comments won’t be displayed right away. They will be displayed once we review them. We will only be approving comments that are topic-related. Comments such as “hurry up”, “hello”, “please update”, etc., or comments only with smileys/emojis, or comments with only 2-3 words won’t be approved. A good example of quality comments can be found here. Criticisms are welcome as long as language is appropriate.

If someone is purposely increasing comments on certain article, then comments may be merged and/or deleted.

We will try our best to approve quality comments as soon as we can. Your comments will appear after little while, but we are sure you will love an organized and on topic comments section.

Lastly, we understand there are bunch of people who like to make friends and talk about other topics as well. But unfortunately, comments is not the place for that. For you guys, we will add facilities in near future to message each other directly.

We have taken this decision to serve everyone’s interest and we hope you understand.

If any of your comment is not published which you think should have been published, then feel free to contact us.


  1. nish

    Hmmm….so plz don do that we posted comment n go on page half n hour later u know that becomes sarcastic. Hope it will prove to be beneficial and few chaos creators will be away. All the best TU team for ur new improvement to work 🙂

  2. gree

    Really the best idea. Good job TU. Now no one will misuse this site. Tanx a ton 4 dis good decision. Appreciable


    And yh sad thing is comments will appear lately. Better u think once again about it. And I hope u will provide a register/login option soon in this site so that we don’t miss our friends chit chat. And that to we will talk privately about our personal discussions. But one complaint against this site is you people are not providing pics for written updates. Hope you will provide pics to all written updates . Thank you.

  4. sarah

    i got news dat a new girl is entering in dis show ahe was last seen in ek hasina thi as shourya’s sister dylan want to take some revenge frm her

  5. pranu

    superb decision, now it will be peaceful to read here.will be free from all nonsense hi,kai and all…. thanks you tellyupdates

  6. Thank you so much. When I put comments I expect discussion on the show, good or bad not people saying they are first or asking each where they are from. Thank you, this should be about shows and nothing else.

  7. vidhya

    good decision about the guidelines for comments. members were just going on chattng with no relevance to the serials. just to make 100 and 200 or 250 comments. it was becoming irritating

  8. Its verygood.tu keeep it up and i also dont like 200 -100 commemts for personal life make a new comments box to talk withare friends …tellyupdates team u are apprcialble

  9. sukanya

    its going to be good bcoz at least they wont use it like social networking site meaning talking about personal life and things….. some people also just dont comment and only send emoji…..making unnecessarily 200-500 comments out of nothing….at least from now on we will only see comments related to the show…….nice step by TU….good!!!

  10. neetu

    Thanks a lot TU
    Because its really irritating reading 200msgs which are very pwrsonal and no connection with the topic

  11. TIGRESS⭐

    I’m really very very happy. That we don’t hear bad abuse words against people and shows. Wow. No wars only comments about the show. I bet u will get succeed in doing this changes. Happieeee ?

    • ?pradishma?

      Oh hello!! When did I abused u!!! And I dont talk with unknown ppl leave abusing everyone….. i don’t even kno who r u…. and i abuse anyone if they abuse me … without knowing anything don’t put ur nose in…!!!

  12. Kristelle

    I am so grateful for this…all the “1sts” “2nds” posts and conversation that has nothing to do with the serial it is related to or any other for that matter. And no insulting or bashing just because someone has a different opinion on a show…even if it is a bad review to your favourite show. I just wished the writers/producers etc. of the show would watch forums like this one to see viewer feedback.

  13. ?pradishma?

    Its really good decision tu cuz many fake’s abuse badly with others mail id…. its a awsum change waiting to c it…. thank u….

  14. swati

    oh cum on!!!… who vl take TICKETS now-a-days.. if so it might b common ppl.. these are birlas right?! … yuvraj might hv booked dem online… isnt it?!!! really making audience fools… stupid ssel….

  15. Name

    please dont do this please this is a second home for me I got many friends here my family is not so good that I can even cassually talk with them. I feel humiliated walking with my mom my dad where the hell is he? I dont want to lose these friends & this site

  16. sruthi

    it is good idea.. but there are some nice people in tu. they are such cute frnzzz. we are adapted to tu. now we need some time to go to other pages..I also chat with people… but you can verify the chats also an… if u saw any cheap words or insulting or bad words . u don’t post it….pls tu don’t do this … u verify n post it. we are OK with verifying. but we are little upset as we can’t chat…

  17. Today episode was great i mean the conversation between kabir and aanaya in the car…. I am desperate to see what happens next..

  18. We had developed a great friendship…… But its okay if you all are feeling irrtated because of our conversations I truly apolozige for it…. I’m sorry people .

  19. KKn

    It’s good now Atleast now we don’t see useless comments like had dinner ??? How r u n nonsense . Well I would only request reporters team inspire of keeping it for 100 episodes please do extend it for Atleast more 50 episodes. All fans knows that Rajeev Khandelwal don’t want to associate with long running serials but 150 episodes is just 7 months. Atleast in such sensible shows which are based on real life experiences should go for longer time!!!

  20. KKn

    Kabir is true lover, sensible professional, balanced human being, In a nutshell complete gentleman. One man who can run the show all alone. We our blessed to have a person like Rajiv associated with tv serials who appears through the medium of tv regularly …. From many years he is working but in every role he never disappoint his fans.

  21. According to spoilers , tarini and anurag will convince kabir to go and say Sorry to aanaya…. Monday epi should have sum kaya sceans

  22. ADELE( Anu)

    Yes its a good job telly updates! I appreciate u for this improvement!! Now at least there will be no fakers!!?
    N there will be no disturbance……we can comment here peacefully!!!

    But telly updates, ur site has been a chance for many to have frnz n enjoy d bond of friendship!! I m one of them. My parents go to work n I have no siblings…….so I came here n I have got many gud frnz who made my lyf wonderful!! N of course yes, I m able to tell my opinion about serials also!?
    Therefore I request u tobplz create a separate section for d ones who want to talk wid there frnz. Please???
    I hope u will consider my opinion…….

    N m really very happy that u created this site for us! Grateful to u!

  23. ADELE( Anu)

    @ danny bell, tu clearly told us that THE COMMENTS ARE GONNA BE REVIEWED FROM SUNDAY!!! Plz have patience……tu has done so much for us n they will do it in future also!

  24. ritu nair

    Wow superb comments will be less in each page.and wanted discusion only their..great job

  25. arpit

    mere dost akshay ka to abhi picha chudaya h fukro se bhai TU team jaldi hi ye system apply karo

  26. arpit

    behudi chat krne se mna karo to khane ko dodte h stupid cheap people tu team jaldi hi kro bhai

  27. simran

    If you guys have problem with others comment why don’t you ignore don’t scold them. Juz be patience. U here to read updates or comments. Ha and coming to feedback you people think that creatives will take our feedback through these sites . No way. If u want to give any feedback or suggestions to creatives then just say it in social media like fb,twitter,instagram. They will definitely take those into account. As long as I know chatting is not a bad thing but yes its crossing limits in some pages people just keep on writing numbers and emojis to just increase their comments to show off that there serial is best. If u comment more doesn’t mean it will be the best soap. Coz of such people comments TU took such big decision. Comments will appear very lately wen u will review and when u ll moderate and post. Its really long process. Its doesn’t work. Think something else TU . Its good to discuss only about serials. But that review and all just doesn’t a good idea.

    • Richa (titli)

      @ simran we all kow dat the popularity of a show on a site is determined number of commenters not comments…….. Yeah i agree dat we cmnt stupid bt we love d shw so v do it ..

  28. please Get them married thapki and dhuru then serial is looking very ………………………………………. superb

  29. ADELE( Anu)

    @ Richa…. I think that tu’s new system will start from new updates….that is from tomorrow……

  30. sunita

    That’s great you started your work. Good job telly updates ? . So we can get some valuable comments rather than faltu hi hello had dinner lunch and another shit. People just made this as social network. You’re doing a great job. Hope it will give you benefit.

  31. Krishy

    well i do like badtameez dil it has a different plot from other serials but for me nauc is the best …….. 🙂

    abeer and meher luv story is good ………….

    miss u richu ……………a lot and every1 our nauc parivaar here …………… 🙂

  32. swara

    perfect decision.
    u really care for your viewers.
    will be releved from nonsense in name of comments.
    ever always..umma,numma
    thank god, u finally took this step.
    thanks a lott

  33. shamim kasim

    I think comments being reviewed is excellent as some post nonsense and not pertaining to update

  34. arpit

    good tu finally u start ur work thank u dear varna in cheap stupid logo ne to tamasha hi bna diya tha idiot sara sana

  35. fan of the show

    It would be good in the announcement above to provide a link to your guidelines so people know exactly what you will be looking for.

  36. Fine

    That’s fine review the comments, but if that’s the case than please get your writers to get their acts together and update the episodes faster… sometimes they aren’t updated until the next day…

  37. leena

    that is awesome , it makes perfect sense , it must have been really bad for such a drastic step to be taken but well done

  38. ??blossom??

    These r really some nice changes by the tu team, I really appreciate it. Bt was wondering whether it’s in practice or not…

  39. sumaira

    fantastic tellyupdates..
    now its truly peaceful to go through comments section in pages…
    was fed up with some bunch of idiots who always use name ‘faker,faker’..
    when someone new comes to comment,immediately he/she is called faker..
    when someone with same name as their friend comes he/she is called faker as if no one cud have name as them..
    now truly truly relaxed and peaceful to read comments here,whereas before saw even elders being abused unnecessarily..
    u set everythng right telly..
    u are perfect now
    ***** 5 STARTS *****

  40. arpit

    agree with sumaira really thanks tu in pagal logo sana sara se mukti dilane k liye
    meri taraf se 5 stars tu ki is nayi policy ko ab humare jaise viewer peacefully serial se related comment pad sakenge aur kar sakenge *****

  41. fenny

    its nice u have dea of moderaton, but then when dirty people poke nose n others view, remove such comment..only then t will be fine…dont sideline such cheap persons

  42. fenny

    thanks a lot, u edited pradishma’s comment in swaragin for her abusive language..thanks a lot for valueing our views..thanks

  43. Susan Ankatiah

    The show is getting boring and needs to end but Jalal should find out about all the bad things that Ruks did. Salim should be happy and end up with the love of his life, Anarkali.

  44. Cha

    You have taken the right decision TU team…I am with u in this decision…now we can read some good cmnts…

  45. What was the precape they did not written it. I think kabir will join again after talking with anaya. But what is this promotion drama and why kabir is not happy after all he also want that. I think this will create a misunderstanding between kaya

  46. Sarah

    Hiii … I’m from Indonesia… Thank you for the updates … I Really love it… Thank you for the consistency ? Reading the update synopsis everyday is just like watching the episodes it self. That’s how clear the details you present. So thank you very much.☺️

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..