for a change (swaragini) Episode 18


If epi no is wrongplzz excuse mee .

Purab shouted
Every one entered the room
Person:don’t do overaction its dummy knifee

Puu:opened his eyes nd saw his stomach there is noo blood

Dayal nd his family started laughing
Dayal:nice one ragini beta he deserves it nd gave a hifi

Rag:tnk u dad
Dayal nd his family left

Puu:my heart stoped beating for a sec

Rag:u deserves it

Pu:what I have done

Rag:what u donee ?? U booked mee infront of every one nd dayal uncle told to my dad that I have a lover nd u
know about my dad I have closed my ears the whole day nd my dadi she sees the reason to torture mee soo she is playing with mee(her expressions were cery fynny)

Pu:was stoping his laugh

Rag:saw this nd started beating him

Puu:stop it yarr I told the truth thats it
Rag:truth my foot
Puu:really ??u don’t know that he likes u?
Rag:shut up
Puu:I can see u too like him
Rag:yes I like him but…
Pu:u r confused
Rag:yes I don’t want a one more heart broken this time I can’t tollerate
Puu:u still love sanky
Rag:I told u now he is only my just friend but yaa I can’t forget him forsure as he is my first love nd thats y iam afraid he knows that I loved Sanky if any time in anger or in some other situation if he pointed mee for that I can’t bare it

Puu:common u are thinking too much

Rag:don’t know but I need time

Pu:ok chill what uncle said

Rag:what he will say he is very serious told that will not allow mee to goo anywhere

Pu:Ha ha ha like a tipical indiian father but how u came hear

Rag:ha ha ha can any one stop mee if I decide

Pu:yes ofcoirese no one we have our pipe line naa(I told u at first only she is rough I mean she behaves like boys)
Both gave a hifi

Rag:k I will leave nd ha don’t dare to tell
our discussion with bul

Pu:heart crossed by signing

Week passed
Rag joined in her new job.sanky got bail nd was living with laksh nd was eager to meet swara .

Manavs cabin

Rag:sir u called mee
Manav:yes miss ragini u have a new misson to complete r u ready

Rag:always ready for new tasks

Manav :so this will show us how dedicated u will bee

Rag:ok what is my task

Manav:there is a wine factory .they were using children as labours so your duty is to shoot that nd remember one thing they were very dangerous people if they come to know that u r a reporter defnetly they will harm u

Rag:ok sir challenge accepted nd whose factory was that


Rag:woww u know what u are doing a very big favour to mee to take a revangee .target was super(target adirindii)

Episode ends screen freezes with happy face of rag
Recap:ad usual not yet decided
I know it was little boaring nd I think iam dragging it but sorry for that
Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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