Chandrashekhar 9th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra reveals his face to Veer Bhadra

Chandrashekhar 9th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhagat asking Chandra why is he leaving him alone in this time. Chandra says I want to go away and be alone. Bhagat says I left my family here, you are leaving us. Rajguru says our hopes are from you. They all try to convince Chandra. Bhagat says you are the most experienced man after Bismil. Chandra says no, there are others who can guide you right. Bhagat says we all want you to become the leader. Rudra says you are the reason for our courage, will you guide us, will you become HRA leader.

Chandra says I m not sure that I m capable. They ask him to just agree. They chant his name and make him commander in chief. Hamilton says you got their mercy plea rejected on my place. John says they are your kidnappers. Hamilton says they are revolutionaries, they left me, they

didn’t kill me. John says I did the best on my part, I stand justified. Hamilton says your act shows you are so miserable, they are powerful human beings, if you have used my lookalike for your purpose, I despise you. John gets angry. Hamilton says these handful of people are the faith of India, I m going back, India will be a free country soon. Chandra says we have to get more men in HRA, we have to make them inspired. Bhagat says I wanted to tell something, we should change our thinking, we should leave violence and choose law, we can fail the laws by legal way, I appeal to you all, we shall change the HRA name.

Rajguru says nothing will change, we will kill the Britishers. Bhagat justifies his decision. Rajguru asks Chandra will we change things every day, the organization can’t run on one man’s saying. Bhagat says we have to socialize, I m having the foresight, we should think well. The men agree with new changes while some men agree with Rajguru. Rudra asks them to calm down. He says we have come to explain each other, we should accept Bhagat’s suggestion, we will think about it, it will happen when everyone agrees, what do you think about this. Chandra says I have heard everyone, but decision should be well thought, I need some time. John scolds Veer for wasting his time. Veer says no, I started befriending them, I will give you all info, I didn’t meet Azad. John says so make it happen fast, win Azad’s heart, remember just follow Azad, just get out. Veer leaves. Rajguru asks why did this matter come out.

Bhagat says we can’t get freedom without stopping violence. Rajguru says we need money to get weapons. Bhagat says I m not saying wrong, we have to socialize. Rajguru asks what will happen if we chant, we have to lend voice to scare Britishers. He asks Chandra not to play with Bismil’s dream. Bhagat says its about humanity, this thinking gives respect and rights to everyone, don’t agree because I m saying, check and try and then accept, Bismil also wanted to end the discrimination. Chandra says its not right to oppose Bhagat’s thoughts, think well, its not good to jump to conclusions. Rajguru says I knew you will take his side. Chandra says all the members of HRA are same for me. Rajguru says then you will take the final decision, I will agree to it.

Rudra says your thinking is new, it will take time to understand, last decision will be of Azad. Malka asks shall I call Veer. Chandra says I don’t trust him, don’t know why. Malka says I feel strange, how did you trust me. Chandra says its about hearts meeting, Veer makes me doubt on him, I will like to meet Veer alone first, call him. He says Rajguru’s thoughts are different than us. Malka tells the people’s names. Two men come. Chandra turns and aims gun. Chandra apologizes on knowing their names Dutt and Ghosh. He gets glad to meet them and hugs. He thanks them for coming. Dutt says we wanted to meet you. Ghosh says you didn’t get caught by the police, you are an illusion for police, we are lucky to meet you. Chandra says I feel lucky that you joined us, Bismil left some work incomplete, we have to complete it, we shall start preparing for freedom then. He asks them to take rest.

Chandra meets Veer and says look into my eyes, you didn’t see my face, I will end your wait today, did you not think why I didn’t show my face to you, I don’t trust you. Veer says I know, what to do, no one trusts me, even my mum doesn’t trust me. Chandra says I will show you my face today, don’t let my trust break, if you describe my looks anywhere, I will not spare you. Veer says I will not do this mistake. Chandra threatens him and points the gun. He says one who has fear in heart can’t be a freedom fighter.

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