Chandrashekhar 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhagat meets Subhash

Chandrashekhar 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga saying Gandhi ji is asking you to self surrender. Chandra refuses and leaves. Sukhdev says I was about to make a mistake today, they showed me some newspapers and cheated me, its good I got saved. Batukeshwar says yes, but Bhagat’s belief on you was firm. Bhagat hugs Sukhdev and says I knew that they have cheated him, but everything will get fine. Rajguru warns Sukhdev. They return to the jail. They see Jatin there.

Jatin says Subhash came to meet Bhagat, he will be coming back. They get glad that Bhagat is getting famous, Subhash Chandra Bose will come to meet him. Chandra says I think Bhagat will get free, the case is getting strong, we will plan the next move to win the battle. Durga says we will do arrangement for your leaving. Chandra says no, Yashpal and

Vesham will go, I have to stay back and reestablish HSRA, the country needs me. Sushila says you should go there. Chandra says no, my land will never let me go, we have to do our work, its same thing if I go or my men go.

Genda speaks to the britishers. He tries to stop them. The man scolds him for reviving his conscience. Genda says whenever you wake up, its a morning. The man says its your duty to follow the law. Genda says yes, I m doing my duty. The man asks him to obey his seniors, Bhagat has to die. Bimal says the officer will punish Bhagat, with or without the crime. Genda and Bimal feel bad for Bhagat. Genda says for the first time, I regret on my doings, I can never rid of it, I got Bhagat punished for false blame, I m helpless.

Bhagat meets Subhash. Subhash says you aren’t alone, we are with you. Bhagat says even if I leave, my thinking will always be alive. Subhash says I will make them hear your voice, till they give you good food and basic facilities, don’t worry. Bhagat thanks him. Subhash says no one will stop the country from achieving freedom, youth has raging blood. Bhagat says you are like I heard about you. Subhash says I thank you for being inspiration for many. Sushila meets Tikaram and Tasduk and informs about Chandra. Tasduk asks how shall we believe you. She says I can prove it, they shift to new places. Tasduk says you have to make us identify Chandra. She says I agree, I know he will come to court on Bhagat’s hearing day, I can tell you about him. Tasduk says fine, we will meet that day in court, why are you helping us, any enmity with Azad. She says yes, its an old score.

Genda and Bimal meet Bhagat and asks him to come to court. Sukhdev says what’s the need, we aren’t getting justice. Genda says you have to say something to not go to court. Bhagat says we are on hunger strike, we got the news, we know this bill is passed. Sukhdev says we know our fate will be decided even in our absence, our state can get weak. Bimal says you can still defend yourself. Bhagat asks in front of whom, nothing changed here, even the food and situation is same, new laws are made to lessen our voice, we will now raise our voice, we won’t go to court. Genda asks is this your final decision. Bhagat says sure. Sushila comes and says I did your work, I told CID that you will be available in court today. Durga asks what do you mean. Yashpal says you are taking big risk. Chandra says they can never catch me, Sushila will win their trust, don’t worry, nothing will happen to me, I m free and will always be free.

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