Chandrashekhar 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Bismil and Ashfaque get hanged

Chandrashekhar 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bismil and Ashfaque taken for their execution. Ashfaque does shayari and wishes to see the country free. He says Bismil always tells his wish to have a rebirth and see the nation free, I can’t say the same, but I would ask for a rebirth if I meet my Lord ever. Bismil chants Sarforoshi ki tamanna…. Bismil stays fearless. He makes a prayer. He wishes to see the nation freed from the British rule. He says I want to see the downfall of the British empire, Vande Mataram…. John sees the time. It starts raining. Bismil and Ashfaque get hanged.

Chandra goes to kill Hamilton. Bhagat stops Chandra. Rajguru says you have gone mad, you have to take revenge, we should kill him, what’s the use to kill him, we will kill all the Britishers. Bhagat says you don’t have

a thinking of freedom fighter, but of a violent man. He says you can’t shed blood if we lose someone, we will find a way to save Bismil. Chandra says there is no way left now, they tagged Bismil as a criminal. Hamilton scolds them. Rajguru aims the gun at him and shoots. Chandra stops him. Bhagat gets surprised.

Chandra explains Hamilton how one achieves freedom. He says to win over a victorious enemy is called freedom, to feel the pain every moment is called freedom, its the unspoken bitter truth, its name of leaving loved ones and killed oneself for the sake of nation. He asks Hamilton did he understand. He shoots at the ropes and says we are not bad people, we just want our motherland and brothers back, get out. Hamilton goes.

John gets angry. Tikaram says senior has gone to meet judge, we are with you. John acts rude and says you have complaint against me, if I have to resign, so be it. Chandra recalls Bismil and cries. Rudra comes and says our friends gave their lives for a motive, even I have tears but we have to move ahead, this is the only way to win freedom. Chandra says I want to be alone, this pain is too big and deep, I always get lonely, I deal with my questions and get worried, Bismil was with me for a long time, sorry, I want to stay alone for some time, don’t feel bad. Rudra goes. Chandra cries.

Senior scolds John for planting a fake judge instead finding Hamilton. John says I did what I thought the best for us, I have proved my loyalty to the empire time and time again, if you are not satisfied with my duty, here is my resignation. Senior stops him and says you have done wrong, but considering your track records, we will give you another chance to wipe out these miscreants, but no more crossing boundaries. John thanks him and goes.

Bhagat tells everyone that they have to make Azad the head of HRA. Rudra says we can’t take Bismil’s place. Chandra asks who will fulfill his place. Malka says we have to stop Azad. Bhagat says I m talking of coming tomorrow, we have to put responsibility on his shoulder. He says we all know Bismil wanted Azad to manage the responsibility, we should remind this to him and talk out. Rajguru says yes, we agree with it. Malka also agrees and says Azad is our mentor. Bhagat asks Rudra if he wants to say something. Rudra says I have no problem, I m happy that our thinking is same, even after Bismil’s death, HRA didn’t break, we have to stop Chandra.

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