Chandrashekhar 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mercy plea gets rejected

Chandrashekhar 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandra getting Hamilton to his place. Everyone gets shocked. Bhagat asks what did you do, I have applied a mercy plea, this will create problems for us. Chandra says you think britishers will melt and free our friends, this will help us, they can just understand by this language. Bhagat says our case will fall weak. Chandra says try to understand, britishers are very clever, this is the only way to break them. Bhagat says we have time, send him back. Chandra asks Rajguru to keep Hamilton at some safe place. Senior asks how is this possible, a man has taken a senior judge, where were you. John says I was there, but some how. Senior scolds him and asks the plan of action. John says I have a plan to nab the culprit. Senior asks him to get the culprit to him.

Chandra says

write a letter for the britishers. Malka sits writing. Chandra says write to them to accept our mercy plea and release our supporters if they want to save Hamilton. Malka goes to send the letter. John says I want you to raid everywhere, I want results, this incident is a big stain on my career, nobody has humiliated me like this, Azad has kidnapped judge Hamilton, I will not leave him. Cop says we will solve the case soon. John says I want to ruin HRA, not just catch Azad. Bismil and everyone hug. Sarforoshi ki tamanna…..plays….. Some members are taken by the cops. Bismil hugs his team members and blesses them. Bismil asks them to continue the journey. They say Vande Mataram…..They all get sad and leave. Bismil does shayari.

John says find whatever you can. Tikaram gets a letter. He says this has Azad’s demand, he wants us to leave all his aides, he said he will leave Hamilton in exchange. John says I knew it, its him. Tikaram says we can’t catch Azad. John scolds him. He asks him to publish this letter in all newspapers, they won’t dance on Azad’s fingers. Cop says if we do this, they will get more popular, we should do something else. John says I will not bargain with them. Chandra gets food for Hamilton and asks him to have food. Hamilton asks why am I abducted. Chandra says I got you so that I can get my friends released, have food else leave it. Bhagat comes there. He stops Chandra. He says you have been brought here, don’t bother to get permission, please have your food. Hamilton looks at him. Bhagat says I m saying the same, the way is different.

Chandra says this way changes failure and victory. Bhagat says blood shed is not the only way, I have seen many blood shed, I lost my uncles in freedom fight, this fight is a thought. Chandra says I m not interested to fight. Bhagat says freedom is everyone’s birth right, thoughts don’t end by killing people. Chandra says this looks good to hear, but I want someone who can understand us, do you think Britishers will listen to our thinking, we have to scare them so that they accept our mercy plea. Hamilton looks on. Bhagat says I couldn’t understand you. Chandra says you are much educated, its not easy to read me. He hugs Bhagat.

John asks why here. Tikaran says even the walls have ears. Cop says we didn’t get anything. Tikaram says we had a plan, we couldn’t discuss in office. Cop asks can we use Hamilton’s duplicate so that your career gets saved. John smiles and says I m grateful for your concern Tasduk and Tikaram, I want to say, I accept your suggestion, go ahead with it, I will use Hamilton’s duplicate and fail the Krantikari’s move.

Britishers talk about Hamilton’s stay in hospital. Senior says be careful, I sense some foul play. Officer says I will investigate and report you. He comes back and says I have seen Hamilton from outside, I couldn’t meet him personally. John comes and says I heard you checked on Hamilton. Senior says good job. John says my assumptions is Azad will try to save Bismil again, they will abduct anyone and kill them, we must proceed to hang the freedom fighters, if the mercy plea is granted, it will make them bold, we must crush and curb them. Senior says yes, I got your point. Chandra sees Bhagat and Rajguru. He asks what happened to you. Bhagat says Mercy plea got rejected. Chandra gets angry and says I told you, I won’t leave Hamilton. Bhagat says you don’t do this. Chandra says Bismil is going to hang, I told you not to trust britishers, you felt I m lying, move off my way, I won’t leave Hamilton. He leaves.

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