Chandrashekhar 7th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sukhdev denies to become an approver

Chandrashekhar 7th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga saying we will meet Gandhi ji. Chandra refuses and says he has stated that he opposes us, there is no need to meet him. She says he is against our thinking, not us. He says fine, I will try to him once again, I have to free Bhagat from jail, I can go to any extent. Genda and Bimal try to fill Bhagat’s ears against others. Bhagat says you have got me here to convince me, as you have tried all ways. Genda says Sukhdev has become an approver. Bhagat says I don’t believe this, I know him well, till when will you play this divide and rule game. Genda says its true. Bhagat asks what do you want from me. Genda says you also become an approver, you are young, why are you ruining your life. Bhagat refuses.

Bhagat says Sukhdev can never become an approver for police, even

if he has become, I don’t want to become an approver. Bimal asks why. Bhagat says I m free even inside this jail. Genda says its no use. They leave. Chandra says I will go, I don’t leave anything incomplete. Durga says yes, but thinking is different. Chandra says I m recalling the moment. He thinks of Shastri’s death. Durga goes in and meets Bapu. Chandra and Durga greet Gandhi ji. Bhagat and others wait for Sukhdev. Bhagat says I know Sukhdev well, he can never become an approver. Sukhdev comes there as an approver. Bhagat and everyone get shocked.

Bhagat’s dad says Sukhi can never testify against Bhagat, its a cheat. Gandhi ji advises Chandra to leave the path of violence, surrender to police, I will talk to police and try to lessen your punishment. Chandra gets shocked. Durga says you are mistaken. Chandra says thanks a lot for giving us your valuable time. Gandhi ji asks won’t you like to say anything. Chandra says no, I understood, I will think, we will leave now. Gandhi ji says you are a nice person, just think, there is still time. Chandra and Durga leave.

Durga says you should have told him why we came here. Chandra says did he give us a chance to talk about Bhagat, he asked me to surrender, you can talk to him, we have no other way. She goes back to Gandhi ji. Rajguru asks what’s happening. Bhagat says Sukhi is my friend, I trust him more than myself. Batukeshwar says we trusted Jai too, but he cheated us. Lawyer says Sukhi is an approver like Jai. Rajguru asks Bhagat to think of his friend’s truth. Sukhi says Bhagat…. Rajguru scolds him. Bhagat stays calm. Sukhdev asks why am I made to stand away from my mates, why is Bhagat standing with them, he is also an approver. He calls Genda a cheat. He says they lied to me. Bhagat smiles. Sukhdev says I was shown wrong newspapers, sorry judge, if I testify against my people, I won’t be able to testify in front of Lord, I don’t want to become an approver. He goes to Bhagat. Genda catches him. Sukhdev hugs Bhagat and others. Everyone smiles. Rajguru says you should have said this first, you got insulted. They hug. Sukhdev says I didn’t know they will cheat.

Lawyer says sorry, our witness has turned hostile. Defense lawyer says I m fighting case for Bhagat, all the blames on Bhagat are wrong, he didn’t raise hand on anyone till now. Bhagat takes permission to talk. He says we are blamed to throw bomb in assembly to kill people, why isn’t it proved that people got hurt. Defense lawyer says Bhagat is already given the life sentence, he went on hunger strike, he also has a soul, we just can’t ignore this. Bhagat says I want to expose these britishers and bring a change, people should know how they treat the youth. The hearing goes on. Judge says this court is adjourned, final hearing date will be set soon. Bhagat’s dad says lawyer has done a good job. Bhagat’s mum says case is in our favor. They thank Lord. Bhagat seems worried.

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