Chandrashekhar 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Bismil gets a death sentence

Chandrashekhar 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandra and his team waiting on the way to free Bismil. Bhagat says the police isn’t here at the checkpost. Chandra says I think they changed the plan, which route will they take now. Bhagat says we shall wait for some more time. Chandra says yes, don’t lose patience so soon, maybe Rajguru finds some clue. Rajguru sees a car passing and signs Chandra. Chandra asks the men to attack the van driver. He says Bhagat, you will come with me, we have to get Bismil from the van. They reach the checkpost and attack at the police. Chandra hides his face. Bhagat breaks the lock. Bhagat calls out Bismil. A man shoots down Bhagat. Chandra holds Bhagat and gets shocked. He shouts action cancelled, someone cheated us. They throw a grenade and run away. Chandra gets Bhagat with him and says

someone cheated us. Bhagat says its my fault, I was acting brave.

Chandra says Bismil wasn’t there in that van, there were policemen. He takes care of Bhagat. He says I will call the doctor, stay strong. He rushes. John Knott Bower meets the senior and asks him to accompany them for the sake of security. The senior asks him are they incapable. John says the case is a high profile case, there are constant threats on british officials to stop the court proceedings, I wish you understand the issue. Tikaram murmurs.

Doctor says I have treated Bhagat, its his fate now, I know you won’t let me go, can I sleep here till he gets conscious. Chandra asks him to sleep. He holds Bhagat’s hand. John says we can’t take any chances about your life. He says your lookalike will be travelling in your vehicle, you will be escorted in the police vehicle to the court. Senior agrees. John asks the cops to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Doctor checks Bhagat and says he is out of danger now. Chandra thanks him. Bismil and everyone have a talk and laugh. Tikaram finds them happy and laughing. Tikaram asks them to be ready in morning, they have to face the hearing. Bismil jokes on Tikaram. Bakshi does shayari. Tikaram goes. At the court, Bismil is presented. Tikaram says nothing will go wrong, I have done all the arrangements. Bismil and others get the death sentence and imprisonment. They happily chant Vande Mataram. Bismil and everyone get happy and hug. Bismil says we have taken our life on the palm and walked ahead, we will always wish for the freedom. Sarfaroshi ki tamanna…..plays…… Tikaram also gets influenced by them. He then sits quiet. Rajguru tells Manohar that Bismil was taken by the britishers.

Manohar asks him not to take a risk in anger. The men talk that someone is cheating them by giving wrong info. Manohar says police knows Bismil is our leader, so they played this game. Rudra comes and asks where is Azad, didn’t he come till now. Rajguru says we are waiting for him, what’s the matter. Rudra sits in shock. He says Bismil got a death sentence. They get shocked. Rajguru says we will save him. Rudra says who all can we save, everyone is punished. Rajguru says we will save everyone. Rudra says we have to tell Azad. They ask Rudra to tell the truth to Azad, they will follow Chandra’s decision. Rudra says I will tell Azad.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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