Chandrashekhar 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai becomes an approver

Chandrashekhar 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tasduk giving a document to Jai and getting his signs. He says its written that you want to become our approver without any pressure. Jai signs and gives statement against Azad. John asks is there any witness or proof that HSRA makes explosives. Jai says yes. Chandra says our plan flopped, but how. Mahor says even I don’t know how. Malka says maybe Bhagat didn’t get our message. They doubt on Jai. Yashpal says maybe Jai is in any trouble, why didn’t he come, we will find him. Chandra says no need to go. Durga asks why. He says I feel Jai isn’t right, Jai has told police about us, he was here with us in all meetings, Bhagwati died there, police reached there, how, where was Jai that time, Jai did this, he is falling in suspicion again and again.

Malka says there

is another hearing tomorrow, I didn’t get to know anything else, what’s the britishers thinking. At the court, Bhagat comes. Chandra meets him and says don’t worry, I will manage everything, you are doing great work in jail. Bhagat greets his parents. Jai comes there as witness. He testifies against HSRA. Chandra and Bhagat get shocked. Jai says I also belonged to HSRA before. Lawyer asks is this true that HSRA planned attack on Viceroy. Jai says yes, Chandra planned the attack, this was a way to free Bhagat and others. Chandra gets gun in anger and then stops. John comes with evidence. Lawyer passes the evidence to judge.

Bhagat’s family worries. Lawyer asks Jai to say. Jai says Bhagwati died in the bomb test, the bomb was going to be used for train explosion, this is Bhagwati’s spectacles. John gives the testimonial report. Lawyer says Bhagat is also a member of HSRA, Bhagat and Azad, both are involved in Saunder’s murder. John says yes, Bhagat killed Saundaers. Judge asks is there any witness. Lawyer says Jai was part of this crime. Jai says yes, I was part of that team. Batukeshwar loses his cool and goes to beat Jai. Judge stops him. Bhagat scolds Jai. He calls Jai a stain on friendship. Lawyer requests to out Bhagat on trial case for Saunder’s murder. Judge gives the verdict and orders Bhagat for re-trial. Court declares Azad as fugitive. Chandra stays silent. John gives money to Jai. Jai says you keep it, just don’t send me to jail. Tasduk says you are sent there for safety.

Tikaram asks Jai not to worry. John says we will take care of you. Jai says Chandra will not leave me, it was possible that he was going to meet Bhagat, he would have known all the truth, Rajguru would have told truth to Bhagat. Tasduk says don’t get scared, I will not repeat now. Tikaram says make sketch of Azad’s aides, we can catch them. John says yes, if you want to live, then help us, Azad has to die. Chandra says Jai gave statement against Bhagat and closed our ways for Bhagat’s freedom. Malka says we will kill Jai. Chandra says no, its not easy, he is protected. Durga says we will send our spy there. Malka says its tough, we need someone trustworthy. Chandra asks whom shall we trust, its not easy for getting a new man. Durga says I know a woman who can do this work. He asks who, if you trust her, we would like to meet her, we have to leave this place soon, Jai would have told police about this place.

No precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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