Chandrashekhar 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra plans to free Bismil

Chandrashekhar 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandra and everyone reaching Jhansi with an aim to free Bismil. Chandra meets Rudra. He jokes that he has come to find Azad. He laughs. Rudra gives him the grenade. Chandra says Bismil will get free, I want to include Bhagat in our action, he is highly educated, don’t know how he followed the freedom fight, we shall meet at night and make a plan. Veer gets shot in his leg. He apologizes to the men. The man asks the bleeding. They help Veer and mislead the polie. John asks cop to take Bismil to the court. He says you are a sharp boy, if you get the revolutionary, the long due promotion will be in your kitty. He asks Tikaram to take Ashfaque. He dismisses them. The men look for Veer. They meet Veer at the hospital.

Tikaram asks Ashfaque where is Azad, his punishment

can get less, we can frame Bismil in the train robbery. Ashfaque scolds him and says I was involved in the robbery. He talks of courage. He says tell your officer we won’t break. John looks on. Cop interrogates Bismil. Bismil also does the shayari. John comes to him and aims the gun. He asks where is Azad, tell me, else no one can save you. Bismil smiles and makes him point his forehead.

Veer lies that he has come from freedom fighters’ unit, he has to meet Azad. Chandra meets Veer and asks him why does he always get shot on his leg. He presses on his wound and scolds Veer. He asks the news. Veer says Bismil and Ashfaque are taken to high court, there will be their case’s hearing done, I have met Banwari, he told me about you. Chandra slaps him and faints him. He says find a cloth and tie him up before he gets conscious. He says Shiv, he isn’t a freedom fighter, you just believed him, you didn’t try to use your senses, you should have not let him meet me, keep him captive, take him along. He gets money from Veer. Tikaram and cop take Bismil and Ashfaque.

Chandra says Bhagat should have come by now, are the preparations done. Manohar says yes, I have chosen men for our work. Rudra comes and says news is certain, we have less time, we have to do something. Chandra says where is Bhagat, we will start planning when he comes. Bhagat comes and meets them. Chandra says now we shall free Bismil. They all chant. Bismil says we may lose life, we will not annoy the officers, we will meet if we are alive and even if we aren’t alive. Ashfaque says we will get free or die.

Bismil chants Vande Mataram. Sarforoshi ki tamanna…..plays…. Chandra makes a plan to free Bismil. John makes the plan to foil Chandra and HRA’s planning. Rudra says this action will make the police get after us. Chandra says we can take any risk to free Bismil. Bhagat says then they will know we are not just for name. Tikaram says we have to kill them at checkpost. Cop says they will get a shock at the checkpost. Chandra says they can give us a shock, Rajguru will give us a signal. Rajguru asks won’t I do anything more. Bhagat says its imp that you give me info. John says there will be just policemen inside the car, not Bismil, we will personally escort Bismil by other route. Rudra asks theme to stay alert. Chandra says I know the plan is risky, but we have no other way, there is no chance. Rudra says I just don’t want to lose you. Chandra says its their time to lose.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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