Chandrashekhar 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sudarshan commits suicide

Chandrashekhar 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manmath sharing the jail experience with the boys. He praises Azad and says he has tolerated much tortures. He introduces his friends to Azad. They learn about Sudarshan and runs to see his suicide. Chandra gets shocked. Manmath and the boys get Sudarshan down. Tikaram says if the book is published is Calcutta, how did it reach Banaras, it means its published here, we will find the publishing house first.

Chandra does Sudarshan’s final rites. Manmath recalls his words. They all cry for Sudarshan and recall him. The boys console Manmath. Chandra looks on. Manmath says Gandhi ji stopped the movement, such boys can’t return home and can’t back off from satyagrah. Tikaram asks an informer about the freedom fighters. He asks him to inform him first. He threatens the man. The man makes betel and gives him.

Its morning, Chandra says we have nothing now. Manmath says Rajendra has called us, he is a freedom fighter, he had published that book, I will meet him, else we have to make our own way. Bakshi and Rajendra have a talk. Bakshi says I explain the wrestlers to do something for the country, else how will they get freedom. Rajendra says this guy is disciplined, he is Manmath from Kashi school, come. He calls Manmath to him. He introduces him to Bakshi.

Bakshi says I heard much about you. Rajendra says he is our old friend, we have to start a struggle. Bakshi says we will do anything, just tell us what to do. Rajendra says we want reliable youth to stronger our team, its Manmath’s word, Kalyan ashram will be our workplace.

Inspector checks the book. Tikaram asks did you read this book. Inspector says yes. He loads the bullets in gun. A student from Kashi school gets caught. Police asks him about Saniyal’s book. Tikaram asks the guy to say. The guy says the book was distributed in our school, everyone is influenced by it. Britishers raid the school to find the books. Tikaram threatens the teacher the same way and asks him to inform him first. The guys fight. Manmath gets angry. Chandra stops them.

Chandra gets a gun from some guy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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