Chandrashekhar 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra gets Saniyal’s book

Chandrashekhar 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandra thinking of the people’s death. He goes to kitchen and serves food for himself. He angrily sits eating. Shastri ji says some decisions are kept out of right and wrong limits. Chandra says Gandhi ji did wrong, I will not follow his path, it can’t be my path, no… I can’t tolerate this. He goes. The policemen discuss about Gandhi ji’s principles. Tikaram tells them that Gandhi ji has stopped the movement. Britisher says I want all of them arrested, there is violence and aggression around the corner, we must be prepared.

Manmath meets Chandra and says I know him, he is Shiva’s friend. Chandra sits with them. Sudarshan sits silent. Manmath asks him what happened, why isn’t he meeting Azad. Chandra says I m glad to meet you. Chandra says I m not like

you all now. Manmath says at least be happy that we are out of jail. Chandra says you didn’t get angry on Gandhi ji’s decision. Manmath says I also in a dilemma, when one way gets shut, other opens up.

Pandit ji Ram Prasad Bismil meets some people and says the news is true, and bad, Gandhi ji has called off the movement, if we have to take battle ahead, we have just one way. He keeps the gun. They say we have no money and people. Pandit ji says you are the firstmost freedom fighters, who will guide us then. They fear that they won’t be able to do this. Bismil takes the gun and says we will do something, we will get free or become martyrs. Pandit ji smiles. The man asks Saniyal and Bakshi not to worry. Pandit ji says final decision will be yours. He encourages them. They all get ready to attack and defend. Saniyal presents his book. Bakshi says I can’t stay behind. Pandit ji divides their duties. Saniyal says I have a way. Manmath tells Chandra that Sudarshan left his family to get into this movement, his family disowned him, explain him. Chandra says I will try to make him smile. Manmath says you can try.

Chandra tickles Sudarshan. Sudarshan gets angry and slaps Chandra. He goes. The shoe polish guy prepares to go in kirtan. A customer comes there. The guy polishes his shoe and gives info to him. The guy passes Saniyal’s message. He gives the gun as well. The man goes far and keeps the gun in his pocket. He goes to some shop and asks him to publish Saniyal’s book. He pays for the book. He gives his ring. The shopkeeper says take this back, let me contribute towards his freedom fight. The students read Saniyal’s book and find a new way. The freedom fighters get influenced. Britisher says find out who did this, this piece is rubbish is everywhere, its against us, you are never giving us results. He asks him to go and get results. Manmath says thoughts are never killed, its always alive. He gives the book to Chandra. He says Britishers caught up Saniyal, not his thoughts. Chandra smiles.

Everyone rush and find someone committing suicide.

Update Credit to: Amena

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