Chandrashekhar 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra keeps his promise

Chandrashekhar 26th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sitaram saying Chandra is doing mistake by daring to punish his Guru ji. Master ji says I taught him to punish the wrong doer, whoever does it doesn’t matter. Sitaram gets shocked. Chandra comes home and thinks of his friends. He sees Sukhdev crying and asks him what’s the matter. Sukhdev refuses to say. Chandra wipes his tears and asks him to say, what happened. Sukhdev says you don’t care for anyone, not even mum, you remember what you did on holi day. Chandra says mum was angry on me.

Sukhdev says the day you left home, she didn’t eat food, she is still hungry to punish herself. Chandra cries and says she was hungry because of me, I didn’t even realize. He goes to Jagrani and hugs her. He cries and asks her to forgive him. He says I won’t go anywhere leaving

you. She hugs him. Its morning, Chandra gets ready and asks Sukhdev to come. Sukhdev says I will have food. Sitaram asks Sukhdev to have food first. Sukhdev says Chandra would be hurrying to meet his Bheel friends. Jagrani says Chandra promised me he won’t go Bheel village, I trust him.

Sitaram says fine, agreed he troubles, but he changed today. Sukhdev eats food. They leave for school. Chandra thinks where are his friends. He looks around. He goes with Sukhdev. He wishes he meets them while returning home. Master ji teaches everyone. Chandra’s friends wait for him. They feel hungry and think of going home. Chandra finishes his class. He waits for his friends. He says maybe they are waiting for me near the tree.

Master ji comes home to have food. Jagrani says I forgot you will come, I have made khichdi. Master ji/Manohar says it will be amazing. She asks him to sit, he will get it. Sukhdev comes and asks for food. He says Chandra has run away. Master ji says I don’t see anything wrong in Chandra, he doesn’t do wrong and doesn’t tolerate wrong. Jagrani says everyone doesn’t understand him. Master ji says maybe he went to meet his friends, he will come, Bheel kids are his friends, no one else talks to those kids. She thinks he has sworn that he won’t go to Bheel village. Chandra waits for his friends and don’t find him. He thinks to go to their house. Gomes and his men come there. He asks about Jindal.
Kaka says we haven’t saw him till now. Gomes says I know you all have given shelter to him. Chandra comes to the village. He recalls the promise given to Jagrani and stops. He returns. Jagrani says Chandra is much disturbed. Master ji says he is studying well, don’t worry, trust me. He goes. She says where is Chandra. Chandra recalls his friends. Master ji sees him and asks where were you, did you meet your friends. Chandra says no, I m going home. Master ji asks him to go fast, Jagrani made khichdi and is waiting for him. Gomes threatens the villagers. He captures the entire village.

Jagrani and Chandra go to Bheel village and don’t find anyone. Chandra shouts. Jindal looks on. Patwari tells Sitaram that all Bheels have turned into labor to work on the railway line. Chandra gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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