Chandrashekhar 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra doubts on Bhagwati

Chandrashekhar 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhagat arguing with Genda Singh. Genda threatens him and sends him away to the prison. Rajguru comes to Chandra. Chandra says leave me alone for sometime. Rajguru says I had to say something, Bhagwati is police’s spy. Chandra asks are you mad to say this about Bhagwati. Rajguru says it was his plan to get Bhagat caught. Chandra asks is this confirmed, who told you. Rajguru says I can’t say the name, it will be a cheat in friendship, since Bhagat met Bhagwati in Jhansi, he stayed away from us, are you understanding. Chandra says Bhagwati has to get punished for this cheat, its just death. Chandra goes to Bhagwati and aims the gun at him to punish him for the cheat. Durga comes there and shouts Azad. She sends the men away. She asks are you not ashamed to blame Bhagwati. Chandra

says your husband didn’t have shame to cheat us, I never raise weapons on dear ones, Bhagat is behind bars, I stopped him from going to assembly, what happened that he got stubborn, whose advice did he ask, he asked your husband. She says enough, I admired your thinking, I can’t tolerate this, I may raise a hand on you, I don’t know whom did you believe, you forgot that Bhagwati sacrificed his family and child for the nation, how can you blame him and try to kill him.

Chandra says maybe I m wrong, the day I find the truth… Bhagwati says the blame you are putting on me, I won’t tolerate, I won’t be part of HSRA now, I will leave with my family, our trust broke down, its no use to stay together. Chandra says as of now, I remove you both from HSRA, the day I know you are lying, I will kill you. Durga says if we think of cheating country, we will take our lives, Bhagat is my younger brother, we also regret his arrest, you don’t realize what you did with us. Chandra leaves. Bhagat and Batukeshwar are fed faulty food. Bhagat says we won’t have this food, who will take responsibility if we get ill. The man asks them to have food else go. Everyone refuses to have food. Genda comes and throws the food. He asks everyone to get food, else they won’t get food for days. The people run to get food. Bhagat looks on. Sukhdev asks what did Bhagwati do. Rajguru says he is with CID. Sukhdev asks who told you, I know Bhagwati since years, tell me who told you, we can find the truth, maybe someone is playing the game to trap Bhagwati. Rajguru says I m sure of that man who told this to me. Sukhdev says I trust Bhagwati, he is not a traitor.

Rajguru says how did Bhagat change the plan, did he wish to go to jail. Chandra says Bhagwati asked Bhagat to throw the bomb, its CID’s plan to trap Bhagat, you are getting fooled now. Sukhdev says Bhagwati was not there in plan, it was me who told Bhagat to throw the bomb, I compelled him, Bhagwati didn’t, whoever is taking Bhagwati’s name is wrong, that man is using Rajguru, Chandra you blindly believed Rajguru, Bhagwati isn’t playing with our emotions, the man who gave wrong lead to Rajguru is playing with our emotions, maybe for some reason, Bhagwati loves Bhagat like his younger brother. Chandra gets shocked and recalls Durga’s words. Sukhdev says Bhagat is in jail because of me, punish me. Chandra says I deserve punishment, I did a big mistake, I scolded Bhagwati and Durga, we have to stop them from leaving Sukhdev. Rajguru says I did a mistake. Chandra says get that man to me, only then show me your face.

He leaves with Sukhdev. Rajguru says Jai lied to me, I have to meet him. Jai meets John and says Azad went to kill Bhagwati, but just threatened him. John says we have to arrest Bhagwati and his wife. Jai says Rajguru will tell Azad that I told this to him, Azad shoots the traitors. Tasduk says get Rajguru to temple, we will arrest him, you will tell us that Rajguru killed Saunders. Jai asks what if Rajguru kills me, I m not scared, but I think well. Tasduk says you will get Rajguru there. John asks him to go. Durga packs her stuff. Bhagwati cries and says I m titled a traitor. Durga asks him not to worry. Chandra and Sukhdev come. Chandra says you won’t go anywhere Bhagwati, I did a big crime, you can punish me, don’t leave me. John reaches the place with police. Bhagwati says I need time to get over this trauma. John asks Tasduk to cover up. Chandra says forgive me, I can’t lose you. Durga asks Bhagwati to forgive Chandra. Bhagwati agrees and hugs Chandra. John shoots at window. They get shocked.

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