Chandrashekhar 24th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra promises to study harder

Chandrashekhar 24th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagrani coming to Chandra’s class and giving him the food. She tells Master ji that she is busy in work and goes. Chandra’s friends call him. He gets hurt and sits. The kids come to him. Chandra says let me go, leave me. Tatya asks why are you angry with us. Chandra says no, I want to study now. They ask him to come along, they will not disturb him. He says dad used to get angry, now even my mum is angry, I will come if she agrees. He comes home. Jagrani doesn’t talk to him. He gets sad. She worries for his wound. Gomes threatens the Bheels to tell him about Jindal, else they will keep their kids in their custody. Bheel says you can torture us, what did our kids do. Gomes says they will be with us then you will tell us about Jindal. He says we will leave these children

but I want Jindal’s address. He gives them some time. Sitaram asks Jagrani not to talk. Chandra leaves the food. He goes out and screams seeing a snake. They all come out and get shocked.

Sitaram asks Chandra to move away. Chandra picks the snake. He says I will manage it. He throws the snake. They all look shocked. Jagrani hugs Chandra. He smiles. Bheels worry about the children. Darsi says you can’t tell about Jindal, we can’t go against him. Her husband says I don’t know what to do. Jagrani sees Chandra gone and thinks where did he go now. He scares her by the fake snake and laughs. She scolds him for his mischief. He says I know you can never get annoyed with me. He hugs her. He says dad stopped you from talking to me. He asks her to sing lullaby. She sings and puts him to sleep.

Its morning, Chandra helps Jagrani in her cooking. She asks shall I go school instead you, you always want to play. He asks how can this happen, what are you saying. She gets thinking. She sees his bag. Sukhdev says I m your elder brother and know more than you. Chandra says great. Sukhdev gets annoyed with him. He says Jagrani has gone to school. Chandra asks what, really. Sukhdev says yes, it will be fun when Master ji sees her studying in your place. Chandra sees Jagrani gone and runs to school. He sees her studying. The kids joke on Jagrani and laugh. Chandra says she is here in my place. He asks her to come home, this is his place. Kids laugh. He says what are you doing, will you study. She says what shall I do, you don’t come here to study.

He swears that he will study. She says fine, I will trust you for the last time. She goes. Chandra thinks I won’t meet friends, I just have to study. Master ji teaches. He says you all don’t want to study today, fine ask me questions, I will give answers, but you should also know the answer. He asks Chandra to ask him. Chandra asks him. Master ji says wrong. Chandra says think again. Master ji says wrong again. Kid says Master ji is saying wrong. Chandra says right answer. He thinks Master ji always teaches to punish on mistake and he is wrong today. He asks Master ji to forward his hand. He takes stick to beat Master ji. Sitaram comes and holds the stick. He gets angry.

Jagrani says you will make me proud one day. She hugs Chandra and cries. Master ji says Chndra would have gone to meet his friends. Jindal sees Chandra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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