Chandrashekhar 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra wants to secure Bhagat

Chandrashekhar 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajguru asking why did I join if Bhagat has to do everything. Sukhdev says you should go there as just you can explain the motives. Rajguru asks why can’t I explain, we need Bhagat with us, if Bhagat gets caught then… Bhagat says this can be done just once, just Bhagat will be throwing the bomb in assembly. Chandra goes to the assembly and checks it well so that he can plan how to execute the action. He takes a cleaner’s disguise. The officer ask for his file. Chandra passes the file. Bhagat does shayari and says you know me Sukhi.

Everyone feels the scorching heat. Bhagat says we should decide about tackling the problems. Sukhi says Chandra will be coming now and telling us details. They ask Bhagat not to worry. Rajguru says let the britishers die, its good

for us. He laughs. Bhagat goes to Chandra and says I had to talk something imp. Chandra asks him to say.

Bhagat says Rajguru told something and I felt we got wrong somewhere. Chandra says we aren’t wrong, you know Rajguru talks with passion. Bhagat says we are wrong to take people’s lives. Chandra says why do I need to explain you, why do you make me feel like a culprit. Bhagat says I feel bad to run away, why do we need to run when we are not wrong. Chandra says we have to get our rights, you express everything and some people keep things in heart, its the demand of this life. Bhagat says I agree, why don’t we have an explosion that risks none’s life. Chandra asks him not to be kiddish. Bhagat says we can have a smoke bomb, it won’t hurt anyone. Chandra asks can you make it. Bhagat says I got a sample, I can blast it and show if you want. Chandra says you think a lot, I accept your proposal, but we will decide tomorrow, who will go in assembly.

Sukhdev asks Bhagat how can he agree to Chandra. Bhagat says you would have done the same, Chandra expressed his wish. Sukhdev asks why didn’t you oppose. Bhagat says Chandra is our leader, its our duty to listen to him. Sukhdev says you remember duty, not the debt towards the land, you left family for nation, you are not the same Bhagat now. They argue. Sukhdev says show courage to the britishers, tell them that we can do anything if we get angry, talk to Chandra and get this responsibility, just you can explain them our motives, we can make our needs reach them, else we will be tagged terrorists, there is no meaning of this fight then. Bhagat agrees to go for the action. Sukhdev hugs him.

Veer comes to Tikaram and says Chandra is planning for an attack to make people aware of HSRA. Tasduk and Tikaram wonder what is he planning. Veer says they want to throw posters in assembly, they sent me to get food. Tasduk says they will be caught then, this info is of no use, you came late. Tikaram scolds Veer and sends him. Bhagat makes the smoke bombs. Chandra worries for him. He knew about Sukhdev’s wish. Bhagat tells his decisions to everyone. Rajguru asks him to understand. Sukhdev says just Bhagat can explain this to them. Bhagat says try see by my perception once. Sukhdev says we request you to support Bhagat. Rajguru asks did you think about me ever, why its always about Bhagat, you will think I always fight, but Bhagat doesn’t know that I regard him dear, you won’t understand, we will go to give life, I won’t let you go. Chandra comes and asks what happened that you all got quiet. Rajguru says Bhagat wants to go and risk his life. Chandra says what’s all this. Bhagat says I will be there as I m needed there. Chandra says police is after you, I can’t lose you, I have thought something and decided this. Bhagat says everyone wants me to go, you can ask them. Chandra says I will take my decision back, I will go there alone, Bhagat won’t go.

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