Chandrashekhar 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sitaram panics for Chandra

Chandrashekhar 21st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jindal’s men thinking of the police coming and fleeing. Chandra thinks I have to reach school before Sukhdev finds me. He runs back. The kids look for him. Chandra is in jungle. Sitaram worries for him. Chandra sees police and sniffer dogs. He hides and thinks are they coming to catch him. Gomes asks them to go ahead and catch the man. They all go ahead. Chandra thinks I have to go school fast. He runs. He reaches the class and gets seated. Sitaram comes and meets Master ji. He asks is Chandra studying well. Chandra folds hands. Master ji sees him and praises him to be a smart kid. Sitaram smiles and takes Chandra home.

Patwari stops him on the way and asks him where is he going. He says Gomes is finding Jindal, Watson was attacked by a big stone, ask your son, he

would be knowing. Sitaram says he is a kid, how would he know, he just goes to school and studies. Patwari scares Chandra by his words. Sitaram thinks why was he staring like Chandra is in danger. Sursi murmurs. Kaki asks her the matter. She scolds them for plotting against Britishers. They say the catapult isn’t there. Kaki worries. She asks them not to go out of the house. The kids miss Chandra. Sitaram worries for Chandra. He thinks of Patwari’s words and imagines Chandra getting shocked. Sukhdev complains about Chandra running from the school.

Sitaram says Chandra won’t change. He gets angry and leaves the food. Chandra gets annoyed. Sukhdev gives him sweets. Jagrani scolds him. Chandra refuses to have food and leaves. Chandra says everyone gets angry on me, Sukhdev complains about me and gets praised, I meet friends and get scolding. Darsi Kaki and Tatya meet Chandra secretly. Tatya asks why didn’t you come there. Kaki says I was scared for you, britishers are finding you, that catapult is missing. Chandra says don’t worry, I have removed it. Tatya asks how did you do this alone. Chandra says let it go, how did some masked people come in your village, some people were following me, tell me who are they. She thinks how to tell about Jindal’s men. Jagrani calls him. Chandra goes back to home. Kaki says no and thinks what will happen now.

Patwari stops Shambunath on the way and says I think Sitaram is behind the attack on Watson, his son would have done something. Shambunath asks him to stop his nonsense. Chandra hears the announcement. A man couldn’t pay the loan and sells off this household things. Patwari doesn’t pity much. He gets scared of the britisher and asks them to just hurry up. Britisher scares a little girl. Patwari asks the girl to leave the bedsheet and scolds her. Chandra feels bad. He thinks I will not leave him when I get a chance.

Patwari scolds Chandra and kids. Sitaram drinks bhaang and dances in Holi. Chandra comes there in celebrations.

Update Credit to: Amena

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