Chandrashekhar 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra makes a plan to stop the new bill

Chandrashekhar 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajguru cleaning the floor. Sukhdev asks him to clean well. Rajguru gets angry and asks him if he has seen the dirt before, why did he clean it. Sukhdev says its a petty thing, don’t get angry. Rajguru says you clean if you see the dirt. Sukhdev says its fine, talk less. Chandra comes and asks them to fight. Bhagat comes and says its time for action and you guys are upset. Chandra asks did you learn explosive making. Bhagat hugs them and says I don’t leave any work due, I have learnt it, we won’t attack the new bill, we will have action over it. Rajguru says you said the right thing and hugs Bhagat. Chandra says now Bhagat Singh has come, it will be a big thing. They join hands.

Chandra says we have to discuss. Bhagat says this bill is against us and our freedom,

did you think anything, how will we stop this. Chandra says I know, so I called everyone, how shall we pass the security, we will find a solution tomorrow, you look tired, take rest, we will meet tomorrow. Bhagat says sure. Chandra says thanks a lot, you have succeeded by risking life, I m really proud of you, Jatin has sent letter, he wrote that he refused to teach you, but you learnt it on own by reading books, I m proud, we have to decide how to use your art. Bhagat and everyone dine. They have a fun conversation. Manohar says Bhagat will be caught in a theatre and say that he will finish the movie first. They laugh.

Bhagat asks where did Chandra go leaving his fav daal. Chandra meets Rudra. He says this freedom fight has snatched a lot from me, you and this country. Rudra asks what’s troubling you. Chandra says I don’t want to lose anyone. Rudra says don’t fall weak. Chandra says I m getting weak for party members, how is this fate. Rudra says freedom asks for sacrifice. Chandra says this is troubling me. Rudra says its fate for every freedom fighter, you are not alone. Chandra says this is the problem that I m not alone, how shall I risk others, I feel burdened by responsibilities. Rudra says I know you will be out of this dilemma, you didn’t force anyone, they chose this path, don’t feel guilty. Chandra says I never told you, after Bismil, I depended on you a lot. Rudra says I know, that’s why you broke John’s hand, I also have spies. He smiles.

Tikaram and Tasduk have tea. Veer comes. Tikaram says we will ask about Saunder’s death. Tasduk says just limit him till Jhansi. Veer says Chandra is planning some big attack, I attend the meeting but didn’t go in action. Tasduk says you are hiding something. Veer says action is necessary, I don’t want to go. Tasduk says inform us soon, whenever you attend the next meeting. Veer leaves.

Chandra makes the plan. Bhagat recalls his uncle’s death. Sukhdev says we have to find some other way. Rajguru says we will shoot those britishers and end the matter. They discuss what to do, if they should kidnap or oppose the bill. Bhagat suggests that they should enter the assembly and distribute the posters, but how will they enter. Veer looks on. Rudra says wow, Bhagat said an amazing thing, we shall have sweets. He asks Veer to get sweets. He says take Malka along. Malka says why not, I can give my life for you. They go. Chandra says I agree with Bhagat, we will have plan a big thing there. Bhagat says bill will be passed, britishers are just fooling us. Chandra says he is right, we have less time, we will first have an investigation inside, I will do this alone, I shall leave for Delhi soon.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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