Chandrashekhar 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra gets treated

Chandrashekhar 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with John saying Azad is shot, he would be in pain, he would be going to any village outside the city and get treated by a doctor, we have to find out. Tasduk says I will inform you. Tikaram goes with him. Sukhdev, Malka and Rajguru take Chandra to the clinic. They tell the doctor that Chandra is shot. The doctor says its a police case, I can’t treat him. They threaten the doctor. The doctor agrees to treat Chandra. Jatin gets caught up in the fire. Doctor says we have to give him anesthesia. Chandra says no, you can just remove the bullet, I will bear the pain. Doctor says its about treatment ways, if you can point gun at my head, the way will be mine. Sukhdev asks Chandra to agree. Chandra refuses.

Bhagat comes to Jatin and sees the fire. Doctor says I won’t do the treatment,

you can take my life. Chandra says I won’t take any medicine, don’t you all understand, I won’t take do this. They all hold Chandra and ask Doctor to start treatment. Chandra scolds them and faints by anesthesia. Bhagat tries to blow off the fire. Jatin looks on. Chandra talks to Bismil in sleep, while doctor does the dressing. Doctor hears Chandra and gets shocked. Chandra says Britishers have to leave the country, its of indians, we will face the enemy, we are free and will be free. Sukhdev wakes up and asks how is Chandra. Doctor says he is fine, he will get conscious. Police comes. Sukhdev asks how did police come. Doctor says I didn’t do anything. Sukhdev asks Rajguru to stop the doctor. Bhagat blows off the fire. Jatin hugs his son and cries. Police asks did anyone come here for treatment, its imp to catch him, we won’t tell anyone if you treated him. Doctor worries. Everyone hides. Doctor says yes, someone had come here, I told them that I don’t want to get in this mess, trust me. Police goes. Jatin asks the boy to see the fire is blown off. Bhagat asks him to calm down. Jatin apologizes. He thanks Bhagat.

Bhagat says its risky to make explosives, humans life are imp, I request you to keep kids away from such things, keep adults on work. Jatin says this never happened here, today I understood I won’t let any kid come here. Bhagat says I have learnt making explosives, permit me to leave. Jatin stops him and agrees to teach him the depth of science. Bhagat thanks him and hugs.

Sukhdev and everyone thank the doctor and apologize for threatening him. Rajguru says you have just helped me. Chandra gets conscious and thanks doctor. Doctor says I m thankful to you all for the generous work, now I understand why you were scared of anesthesia, you were scared that your truth will come out, I m lucky to meet Azad and HSRA members. Chandra thanks him. Senior asks John what’s his answer now. He says I m disappointed with you. John says we will catch them, we got some clues. Senior says you didn’t get any results, I didn’t see any evidence that you are getting closer. Bhagat learns explosives making with Jatin and Bhagwati. He says we should get loss for anyone. Jatin asks the reason. Bhagat says fear is the reason, we should make such explosives which doesn’t harm anyone, I mean we should make just smoke bombs.

Jatin says you think a lot. Bhagwati says yes. Bhagat asks am I thinking wrong. Jatin says no, we will experiment and see. Bhagat says I want to lessen the loss. Bhagwati asks him to make it. Chandra tells about the two new bills initiated to make Indians the slaves, the nation needed some huge sound to make the deaf able to hear. Rajguru asks Chandra about the bill, will we not oppose them, we will oppose them, I can’t tolerate it. Chandra says shut up, you talk so much, let me think well, anger doesn’t help always, this problem is complex, think well with a calm mind. Rajguru agrees. Chandra says I also get angry, shall I kill anyone in anger, Britishers have played a safe trick, we have to outdo them, I will find a solution, you also think.

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