Chandrashekhar 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra meets Rajguru

Chandrashekhar 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabhi asking Bhagat to get married, he can still follow the path of freedom fight. Bhagat says that’s not necessary that everyone is like you, I don’t want to get into this. Durga Bhabhi and Bhagwati Charan played imp part in the freedom fight. Sukhi comes and says strange, you are here and enjoying tea, your dad won’t leave me because of you. Bhagat says I have to find and meet Azad. Chandra meets Bismil’s mum and says you have to come with us. She says I understand, when shall we leave. Chandra says I couldn’t tell my mum about me, you get ready, we will come. John threatens to kill Veer. Veer says I m not cheating. I have seen Chandra boarding the train. John says inform the police, I want Azad at any cost.

Veer says I will try my best to get info about Azad.

Bismil’s mum meets him in jail. They cry. She asks him not to cry and just fight back, if this is written in fate. Constable asks them to come. Shiv tries to talk. Bismil says if someone is fighting my case, I want the lawyer Govind Vallabh, I want the best lawyer, small lawyers spoil the things. Shiv nods. Bismil is taken away. Bhagat thinks of his childhood. Harleen comes to him. She says I accept all conditions. Bhagat asks her to talk slow, anyone will hear. Sukhi says who, I didn’t hear anything. He greets Harleen and goes.

Harleen says I accept everything, I will live with you all life, I m from a poor family, will it work. Bhagat says this is not the place to talk such things. She says I want to marry you and come to your house, so shall I take this as your yes. He folds hands. She says you won’t get a girl like me anywhere. She smiles and goes. He smiles. Sukhi comes singing and teases him. Shiv gives Bismil’s message to Azad and says we have to get a good lawyer. Bismil’s mum blesses them. Chandra asks her not to worry. A man reads the message near the cafe, that dogs and indians aren’t allowed inside. He gets angry and goes. Chandra sees the restaurant and goes there to have food. He sees the notice and says we will have food here. The britisher throws Chandra and the man away. The man Rajguru beats the britisher.

Chandra sees the cops coming and flees with the men. Chandra asks who are you. A freedom fighter Shivram Hari Rajguru is introduced. Rajguru says I want to fight, but with my idol Azad, everyone knows him, he wasn’t caught, I was to serve the country. Chandra says many people talk of Kranti and then get scared of police. Rajguru says I m not scared of police, I have courage and tolerance, you can test me. The man says you are lucky to meet Azad. Rajguru gets happy on meeting Chandra. Chandra hugs him. Bhagat’s parents cry and ask him why is he doing such a thing. Bhagat worries for them. Bhagat says I m ready for marriage. They get surprised. Bhagat’s mum hugs him and cries.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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