Chandrashekhar 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sitaram punishes Chandra

Chandrashekhar 19th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sitaram seeing police and asking kids to run away. Kaka asks Jindal to come, else they will get shot. Jindal says I won’t leave the one who spoiled my work, Watson got saved. Sitaram takes Chandra with him. Shambunath and Patwari try to manage Watson. Watson says I will kill the person who dared to attack me. The kids run. A kid falls down. Sursi shows the police. Police gets the arrow. Jindal and his men hide. Sitaram flees with Chandra. Sursi saves the kid. They throw down the boulders over policemen and run.

Sitaram gets Chandra home. Jagrani asks what happened. Sitaram says Chandra has done such a thing that villagers will face britishers’ terror now. Britishers come to Bheel basti. They threaten the Bheel to reveal the culprit, else the entire village will

be burnt. Kids hide. The fire is lit there. The villager says its injustice. The britisher gets that villager arrested. Sitaram beats Chandra. Jagrani cries. Sitaram says if Watson died, britishers would have burnt the village, don’t you understand. He goes. Chandra cries.

Watson gets hurt. Shambunath says don’t worry, I will find the one who did this crime. Watson leaves with his men. Patwari assures Shambunath that he will be with them. The kids see britishers leaving. They run to Kaki and say britishers won’t do Hanka now, their mind got fine by one stone. Kaki asks what stone. Sursi says he was saying about throwing stones at the foreigner’s car. Kaki scolds Sursi for fooling her and asks the truth. They say the truth, that Chandra has thrown the stone by a big tree catapult. Kaki worries. Sge asks did Chandra do this. Sursi says yes. Kaki thinks Jindal would have got angry. Jagrani thinks of Chandra. She sees Sitaram going and goes to heal Chandra’s wounds. She applies the lep to his back.

Chandra asks won’t I save Tatya, who was used as bait. She says if anyone knew you did this, what would they do with you. He asks her to lock the door. She says I will do that. He sees a window open. Sitaram cuts the tree. Chandra comes there and looks on. Sitaram sits tired. Chandra comes to him. Sitaram asks what are you doing here, how did you come out of the room, tell me. Chandra says window. Sitaram asks why, come, help me in throwing the tree in water. They throw the tree. Sitaram says now none can know that the stone was thrown from here, none can know about the catapult made by you. Patwai hides and sees Sitaram taking Chandra.

Jagrani says I won’t leave you alone. She saves Chandra. Jindal asks his men to get Chandra. Chandra is chased.

Update Credit to: Amena

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