Chandrashekhar 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra tries to rob the bank

Chandrashekhar 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandra and other HSRA members having a discussion. Chandra says we shall loot a bank and show the Britishers to what extent can we go to get our rights. They ask why will we need to divert the police, they won’t have any doubt on us, as none has done any action in any bank till now. Rajguru jokes on the guy and asks him to leave all the worries. The guy gets angry on his fun. Chandra asks them to calm down. He says we are not joking here, just do the work for which we are here. Chandra says none will call us a dacoit. Rudra asks why. Chandra says we will distribute the posters and mention that loot is like a loan from bank, we will free the nation and repay the loan. Rudra asks when did you think of this. Chandra says Britishers won’t give us a loan, its better to loot

the bank. They all smile and agree to him to loot the bank. They say we will not make any chaos, we will point the gun at the manager and get the cash from him. Chandra says great, so its decided, we will loot the bank.

Bhagat sees Jatin. Bhagwati signs him to sit. He asks Jatin to teach Bhagat and treat guests well, Bhagat is here on Azad’s mission. Jatin gets the books and asks Bhagat to read the books, just learn it till evening. Bhagat says its impossible. Jatin goes. Chandra and his aides come to the bank in disguise and spread. Chandra sees the people and observes them.

He says there is CID here. Tasduk says if we don’t find anyone, we have to compensate, their time is getting waste. Tikaram says I told the right info, Veer has told me. Chandra and Sukhdev pass by and go to the manager. Manager asks who are you, how did you come in. Chandra says don’t worry, we came to get your sign. He gives the letter. Manager reads we didn’t come to loot the bank, but to take loan for freedom fight, we will return the loan. Sukhdev points gun at him. He asks manager not to act smart, else he will shoot him. Manager calls the cashier. Cashier gives them the cash. Chandra thanks them and gets leaving. Sukhdev says our men are outside too, don’t say anything else you will be shot. He sends the cashier.

Tikaram goes to see. Chandra holds him and says I know you are an Indian, I would have shot you if you were a britisher, you will do what I say. Tasduk is outside. He sees Tikaram with some men. He calls out Tikaram and asks what happened. Tikaram says manager was worried, so I was taking him out with the cash. The old woman holds Chandra and asks how are you. She asks his name. Tikaram tries to sign. He asks do you know him. The old woman says you have to come home and have kheer. Tasduk thinks something is wrong. He aims the gun at everyone. Chandra says let us go, we don’t want to hurt anyone. He holds the old woman at gun point and asks her to be quiet, just support him. John comes there and asks Tasduk to just shoot them. He shoots at Chandra and injures his arm. Chandra and others just rush out and run away. John gets angry and hits the door.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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