Chandrashekhar 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhagat meets Jatin

Chandrashekhar 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga asking Bhagat not to worry, he is not so famous that police knows him. Bhagat gets the newspaper and reads about Saunder’s murder. He gets sad. John checks the sketches and says all the sketches of Azad are different. Tikaram says I will also take a disguise and catch Azad. Tasduk says there will be something common in all the sketches, everything can change but not the eyes. Tikaram agrees. Chandra takes disguise of a rich man and comes to the bank. He sees an old woman there. He recalls Jagrani and cries. The lady sees him and stops. She says you are Tiwari’s son right. He asks who are you. He says Mahesh’s mum, did you forget, you used to go school with him. He says I m Tiwari’s son, but I don’t know Mahesh, I didn’t go school, you are mistaken. She says

yes, my eyes got weak. She faints. He holds her and asks where do you stay, tell me, I will drop you home. She gets glad.

He helps her. Jatin Das is introduced. Bhagat meets him and says I m Bhagat Singh, HSRA has sent me to meet you and learn making explosives. Jatin says you changed the name, but not the card, you like to spread violence. He taunts Bhagat for the violence. Bhagat says we are not terrorists, this is our insult, we are freedom fighters, our aim is to free nation from britishers. Jatin asks why did you not choose a single way. Bhagat says you also make bomb, so you are also a terrorist. Jatin says I m a freedom fighter, I don’t talk of socialism, I believe what I see. Bhagat says socialist principle is a thinking. Jatin says this work is not easy. Bhagat says fine, if you don’t want to teach me. Bhagwati meets them and asks Jatin to respect Bhagat, just teach Bhagat, he is educated, he will learn soon.

John says Azad is planning something, its not his style to remain silent for so long. Tikaram comes drunk. He says he is planning to loot the bank. Tasduk says he is drunk, we can’t trust him. John asks when, what’s his plan, tell me. Tikaram says they have secret plan, I got informed by Veer. John asks Tasduk to call the CID officers, we have to catch Azad. Tikaram says Veer has fed me the wine happily. Chandra is with the old woman. He thinks of Jagrani and Sukhdev. He eats food and cries. He asks where is Mahesh. She says he does govt. Duty, don’t know where is he, I went to take bank loan, tell me about you, what do you do. He says I also serve the nation like your son. She asks his name. He says I have to go bank, I left some imp things too, sorry, I will come later. He leaves.

John tells the team that the banks are small, there is a police station right outside the bank, Azad won’t come there, so there is just one bank left, send the team members reach, if this info is half correct, we can’t miss the opportunity, even the drunk man speaks the truth. Tasduk says Azad thinks ahead, we can’t do anything. John wakes up Tikaram. Tikaram says Azad is looting the bank. John says go to bank right now. Bhagat checks the books and says I have to learn everything in a single day. Bhagwati says sorry, Jatin doesn’t agree till he understands, he tests everything and then he becomes a good friend. Bhagat asks him not to worry, its not his fault. Bhagwati says I know, Azad needs you a lot, even then he has sent you here, he believes you will learn this a lot. Bhagat says even if Jatin doesn’t teach me, I will learn it, I don’t run away by seeing petty things, just see how I convince Jatin, else I won’t leave.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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