Chandrashekhar 16th June 2018 Written Episode Update: John gets deceived

Chandrashekhar 16th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhagat crying and thinking of shooting Saunders. Rajguru tells Durga and Sukhdev that they killed the wrong man, they shot Saunders, not Scott. Durga says but Jai gave us the sign. Sukhdev says its not anyone’s mistake, Britishers look the same. Rajguru says its our mistake, we can get defamed for the wrong reason. Durga says its a serious crime. Sukhdev says we should talk to Azad, where is Bhagat, he is missing since last night. Bhagat comes there in his new look. They all get shocked.

Sukhdev asks where is your hair, your dad will never forgive you. Bhagat says what can I do, now none will identify me. Durga says I have a way, if everyone agrees, we have to go Kolkata, Sukhdev and Azad will go Jhansi, I will go as Bhagat’s wife, no one will doubt on me. Bhagat

says but… Rajguru says Durga is right, I will also come along as your servant, I won’t look your brother. They laugh. Bhagat says sure, we are one family now. Rajguru says Chandra said he will take Sukhdev along, we will know at the station what he is becoming.

Chandra takes disguise of a saint. John stops the saints and says I know one of you is Azad. The saints get angry. Tasduk and Tikaram stop the saints’ rage. Chandra says he is true, he is Azad. Malka asks him not to get themselves fall in the trap. Chandra says no, I have to settle old scores. He says Britishers can’t cage us, because we are free and will always be free. Tasduk and Tikaram ask John to get them go, they have come to catch Sardar. They take John along. Tikaram takes Chandra’s blessings. Tikaram says I want to do something for my country. Saints leave. Chandra smiles. Rajguru, Bhagat and Durga take the disguise and try to leave from Lahore. Bhagat asks Rajguru to be quiet. Rajguru says I m not scared of you. They see John coming. Durga says we have to do something, else he will questions us. Rajguru falls in front of John. John asks any problem. Bhagat says nothing, I m Ranjeet Singh, I m going to Kolkata with my family on a holiday. Tasduk says we are finding a Sardar, not any family man, we won’t get anything questioning you. Tikaram says yes, we have come to catch Azad. John lets them go. Tasduk apologizes.

Bhagat goes to the train station. John gives the updates to his senior. He says I can’t commit on the date, I m trying my best. Senior says I gave you a free hand to catch Azad, I want an explanation for killing Saunders, I want the results, else I will make sure you are deported to London permanently. John says we are waiting for the action, we need to wait for them to come out of the den. Senior says you will just get two months. John goes. Jai gets caught and beaten up. John and Tasduk interrogate him. Tikaram asks Jai to describe Azad’s looks, then they will let him go. Jai gets scared and agrees to tell them. Rajguru tries to cook. He argues with the guy. Chandra scolds them and asks them to stop it. Rudra comes and says we have to change the bank working mode, they don’t value time. Chandra gets thinking. Rudra says I have no money in my account, there is much money in the banks. Chandra hears Rajguru and says he is saying right, we need to do something to ignite fire, its time to visit the bank. He smiles.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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