Chandrashekhar 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhagat shoots Saunders

Chandrashekhar 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandra asking everyone not to get caught. Sukhdev says it will be impossible to stay in Lahore after the action. Chandra says you will make arrangements for Bhagat and Rajguru, they will be in huge risk. Bhagat asks how will you leave. Chandra says I will leave any way, you know it well. They all smile. Chandra, Bhagat, Rajguru and everyone execute their plan. Sarfaroshi ki tamanna….. they see John accompanying the officer. Jai rotates the cycle wheel and gives the signal to Rajguru. Rajguru gets the gun and runs to shoot Scott. He shoots the officer Saunders. Bhagat sees him. Rajguru asks Bhagat to kill him, he is a Jallad, don’t pity him, police will come. Chandra asks Bhagat to shoot. Bhagat shoots the officer and cries.

Chandra signs them to run. Police

comes there. They all rush out. Chandra shoots another officer. He runs. Chandra asks Rajguru to get back. Rajguru goes to pick the bullets. Constable asks them to stop. Chandra threatens him and asks Rajguru to run. He shoots the constable and runs. Tasduk says an indian constable stopped them and lost his life. John checks the bullets and says they had revolvers, I m impressed. Tasduk asks what do you mean. John says their planning was good, don’t know why they wanted to kill Saunders, he had only joined. Tikaram comes and says the attack was on Scott and they killed Saunders. John asks how can this happen. Tasduk says maybe they did a mistake. John says we have to find more about Saunders, lets find out who has done it and why.

Sukhdev sings. He asks Rajguru why is he upset. Rajguru says don’t know how I missed my aim. Bhagat says you have shot him. Rajguru says I aimed at his head and shot his chest. Chandra scolds him for going to pick the maxim. Rajguru says I was doing as you said, I didn’t wish to leave any proof. Chandra laughs and says I didn’t ask you to lose life. He asks Sukhdev about his plan. He says be alert, we should leave tonight. Tikaram reads the letter from HSRA. He gets emotional. John asks him to stop it, its him, its Azad, only he could think of doing such a thing, I know who is behind all of this, Azad…. Tasduk gives the info about the attackers. Tikaram tells about Jai. Tasduk says if we arrest Jai, we can get a witness. John says yes, he must have seen Azad, find him, that man is our first priority, HSRA will be cracked, find the man wearing the turban, maybe he didn’t take any disguise, we will supervise the railway station, they have to leave from here by train. Chandra asks about Bhagat.

Sukhdev asks is he not with you. Chandra says no. Sukhdev says police is finding Bhagat. Chandra says don’t worry. Sukhdev says plan to leave is ready, how will Bhagat leave. Chandra says don’t worry, where is Yashpal. Sukhdev says he will come. Rajguru asks where are we going. Jai says I m going to my village. Chandra says you can go, we will leave from Lahore, we will decide after Bhagat comes, this won’t be easy for him, Pagdi is his identity. Rajguru says its a problem for us, Bhagat can’t leave, police will catch him. Chandra says we have to think how will Bhagat leave and stay safe. Rajguru says we can send him to Calcutta to Bhagwati. Chandra likes the idea. He says Bhagwati will be with Bhagat. Rajguru asks where are we going. Chandra says Jhansi, Sukhdev will come along with us.

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