Chandrashekhar 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhagat doesn’t like Chandra’s plan

Chandrashekhar 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga inspiring the youth and reminding what Lala ji has done for the country. She asks them to stay united and fight. John reminds Tikaram his words. Tikaram says I m an Indian, I don’t make fake promises. John says we shall go Lahore. Tikaram says he has gone mad. John says we will catch Azad. Tikaram says you couldn’t catch him. John says I have a doubt in you all, he will take revenge this time, we shall go. Bhagat introduces Jai, Sukhdev and Yashpal to Chandra. Chandra says we have to take revenge for Lala’s death, so that they understand that they have to pay a penalty. Rajguru says I agree, we have to answer them. Sukhi says even I m angry. Chandra asks Bhagat what does he has to say.

Bhagat recalls Lala and says I feel guilty, I told him to protest. Chandra

says no, he was a sorted leader, you can’t blame yourself, the officials have hit us with Lathis, they have done wrong, I want them to have fear, I want to see fear in their eyes. Durga comes and says we should target officer Scott and kill him, Rajguru agrees. They all say we should kill Scott. Bhagat goes. Chandra says we have no other way, I will explain Bhagat and come. He goes to Bhagat and says I see myself in you, I used to hide things in heart like you, but that doesn’t help, our family is our brothers, whom will we share our feelings then, I know you are upset with this plan of killing Scott. Bhagat asks why do we solve things by choosing violence.

Chandra says animals can’t be explained as humans. Bhagat asks why can’t we think of peace. Chandra says I have seen it since childhood, Britishers tests our tolerance. Bhagat says there should be difference between us. Chandra says there is a difference, they kill us to break our courage, but we kill them to make our word reach. Bhagat says I don’t find it right. Chandra says you will find it right when you think about Bismil and others’ punishment, they were hanged to death for no big fault, Lala ji was tortured, it was not justified. Bhagat says we can think of some other way. Chandra says think about those freedom fighters who lost their lives for country, think for Bismil and others, if they kill one, we will stand again, we have to explain them. He cries and asks Bhagat to think. Chandra says its not violence when someone attacks in self-defense, Scott will die, I will be glad if you support us, else I will fight alone. He goes. Bhagat cries.

Officer meets John. John says we are hired to remain secretive, it means Scott is happy and went to holiday. Officer says we have situation under control. John says he seems to be a sensible man, do you have any info about Azad. Officer says I haven’t heard anything about him, is he dangerous. John says we have to catch him, he won’t take Lala’s death lightly. Chandra makes the plan and tells everyone. Bhagat joins them. Chandra says Rajguru will shoot Scott, Bhagat will check if he is alive, then he has to shoot Scott and kill him. They ask if anyone blocks our way. Rajguru says we will kill them. Chandra says no, we can’t kill anyone except in self defense, we have to try that we don’t get caught. Jai says I will be identified. Chandra says you won’t run with us and will other ways, so that people think you ran hearing the bullet sound, if you feel scared, tell us now. Rajguru says then don’t choose this way. Jai says I was asking to know what to do. Durga praises his smartness. Chandra says if police gets proof against us, they will kill us.

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