Chandrashekhar 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra decides to save Tatya

Chandrashekhar 13th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sitaram asking Chandra to bow down his eyes. Chandra stares at him. Sitaram takes him to room and beats him up. Jagrani cries. After Sitaram leaves, Jagrani goes to Chandra and applies ointment to his wounds. Chandra says I can’t hear anything against you. She says what if anyone says your mum didn’t teach you anything. He hugs her. She asks him to sleep. Sitaram gets headache. Jagrani tries to help. He turns away. She cries and asks why did you get so angry on Chandra, he is a kid, can’t you talk with love, you have beaten him so much, who beats kids so much, I also went along, will you beat me too. He says there is no peace here and goes.

Its morning, Shambunath wakes up Varsha. He asks her to say why is she annoyed. She says I have no time to set my hair, I

m fed up of working, I have to make food for your guests. He asks her not to worry, he called Sitaram for work, he will manage it. She gets glad. Jagrani makes rotis. Sitaram gets ready for work. Chandra asks Jagrani for milk. She asks Sitaram to have food. She serves food. Sitaram leaves on his cycle. Tribals sings and dance. Munshi comes there and laughs. They all stop dancing. Munshi Patwari says I will dance with you, I have to fulfill my master’s command. The man asks what’s the matter. Patwari says the britishers want deer this time, send two to circuit house, be ready for hunting. He goes. The lady argues with her husband. The children cry hearing them. The man says I will handle this, don’t worry.

Chandra likes the champi and says I know why you are doing this, so that I don’t go out. Jagrani says yes, you don’t change. He sees Titli and others. He asks for water. She goes to get it. Chandra goes. She says what will happen of him. Titli tells Chandra that Tatya will tell everything. Tatya cries. Lady asks him to have food. Chandra comes and sees Tatya crying. He asks what’s the matter, tell me. The boy says Chandra will set everything fine. The lady says britishers come for hunting and take the tribal kids to use as bait to get animals out. Tatya says last time they took my brother and now its my turn. Lady says yes, he didn’t come back. FB shows a boy used as bait to get the animals out in open. Tiger attacks the boy.

Chandra cries. Lady says its late, you go now, your mum will be worried. Jagrani sings a lullaby for Chandra. He gets up and tells Tatya’s story. She says its nonsense. He says its true, tribals are used as bait in hunting, britishers are less, why don’t villagers fight and send them away. She says they are devil. He asks is there no solution. She tells him about Raavan’s asurs and how Ram ji defeated them. He gets an idea. She puts him to sleep. He thinks of Tatya.

Chandra says foreigners will run away. Sitaram says Chandra should learn tolerating things. Chandra makes a plan with the kids.

Update Credit to: Amena

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