Chandrashekhar 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Lala ji dies

Chandrashekhar 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with John realizing that Azad is in front of him. Chandra says you got late in identifying me. John says I identified you and just have to know you. Chandra says you need a courage. John taunts him for using the mask. Chandra says tiger has to hide some times to hunt for wolves, I just do what I want, I can’t tolerate Britishers’ happiness. John says you are scared that the day I see you, you will live the last. Chandra says you can’t reach my face, try and see. John says you think I will take time to remove this cloth. Chandra says I just show my face by my will. He stops John and slaps him. Sarforoshi ki tamanna…..plays…. The man stops constable from interfering. Chandra twists John’s hand and scolds him for slapping Rudra. He leaves and removes the cloth off

his face. John looks on.

John’s hand gets injured. He finds it hard to write. He gets frustrated. Cops asks did you fall somewhere. John says yes, I m sure Azad is in Jhansi, keep an eye on Rudra’s house. Tasduk says some times decency is a pretence. John says yes, he is helping HRA, we have to find him, Veer shouldn’t be disclosed, we can’t win Azad alone, get into action, I will be back in sometime. He goes. Tikaram says John’s hand got broken by Azad. Tasduk asks what’s this logic. Tikaram says he just said we can’t kill Azad alone. Chandra tells about the report made by Britishers which presented the survey. Simon was sent by the commission. The indians opposed Simon.

Bhagat meets Lala. He says we can help you protest against Simon. Lala says I can do anything, but can’t support violence, I m saying this by experience. Bhagat says I also don’t believe in violence, but its needed sometimes to shake up this British govt. He tells about Lord Ram and Lord Krishna’s stories. He justifies himself. Lala says you are opposing Gandhi ji. Bhagat says its enough now, you are making us apart from this nation on the name of opposing Gandhi ji. Lala says you are giving wrong examples. Bhagat tells him what’s happening in the nation. Lala asks him not to cross limits. Bhagat says I want my right to stand in the freedom fight. Lala asks him to leave. Bhagat says I came to support you, even if you don’t support us, we will oppose Simon commission.

Lala stops him and says I m ready to accept your word, but I have a condition, you won’t come in this protest, the country can’t tolerate your death right now, who said we have moved you out of our race. Bhagat thanks and hugs him. The protest against Simon commission goes on. Lala ji heads the protest. The officers see them. They start hitting the people. Lala ji gets injured. He falls down. Bhagat tells the people that they have to think of the society, Lala ji is in hospital and fighting for the society, he has made colleges and hospitals for us. Sukhdev reminds them that the nation needs them. They gather the youth and inspire them. Rang be basanti….. plays….

A man comes and tells Bhagat that Lala ji is no more. They get shocked. Chandra waits for Malka. Malka comes and says its a bad news. They see the news. They get shocked seeing Lala ji’s death. Chandra breaks down. Malka says there is no law, they have hit an old man. They get angry and ask Chandra if they will take any action now. Rajguru says we have been quiet, we have to react now. Rudra agrees and says we have to teach them a lesson. Chandra says I won’t leave them, inform Bhagat that I m coming. Rudra says let them go, you stay here, Bhagat and Sukhdev are there. Chandra says Bhagat needs me, he must be moved by this, he was fond of Lala ji, he studied in his college, I m worried that he blames himself for his death. They all agree to accompany. Chandra says just Rajguru will come with me. He divides the responsibility. Rudra asks Chandra not to flow in emotions. Chandra agrees. He asks Rajguru to prepare to leave.

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