Chandrashekhar 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra plans next action

Chandrashekhar 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with John reading a letter and getting news about Chandra. Tasduk says no, we can’t believe this letter, maybe anyone is blaming the CID, Tikaram was posted there. John says this can be serious, Azad is smart, he takes disguised, he has a reward on his head, we shall not let it go. Chandra and everyone pack their bags. Chandra asks Yashpal to call Rudra for a meet. Durga says all the things are packed, where are we going. Sushila says he will not tell us so soon. Durga says you know him well. Chandra says I have sent an invitation to CID. Tasduk says we can’t run on every news. John says maybe, just take some constables and find out if its true or not. Tasduk says I don’t find it right. John says I suggest you to check it once, its an order, what if Azad is there, just nab

and kill him. Chandra says I have to stay here and welcome the guests, don’t worry, sorry Sushila, this house will be sacrificed today. Sushila asks why CID. Chandra says I will them today, I have to teach a lesson to Veer as well, nothing will happen to me, don’t worry, go to this address, I will come after doing my work. Sushila says I can sacrifice many such houses for my friends’ freedom.

Bhagat and Sukhdev write a letter to Gandhi ji. Sukhdev says Gandhi ji should know that we are walking on the right path, we think well before anything, he should know our real feelings. Bhagat says this should get published. Sukhdev says this letter should go to Gandhi ji. Bhagat hugs and says sorry, you are getting hanged because of me, you weren’t there when I killed Saunders. Sukhdev says you want to die a martyr alone, I m your shadow, will I let you die alone, we will die together, I will also get famous as a martyr. Bhagat says sure. Sukhdev says don’t cry. They hug. Chandra is in market. Everyone runs seeing some smoke. The police comes and asks for the address.

Chandra guides them. Chandra sings and smiles. Rajguru asks why are the clock running slow, we are waiting for the day. Bhagat says yes, but many things are due. Rajguru asks why are you upset, we will fulfill it in next birth. Bhagat says I will take next birth in free country. They cry. Bhagat says my dream is left unfulfilled in this birth. Rajguru says yes, even my dream is left fulfilled. Bhagat asks which one, you wanted to die for the country. Rajguru says dying before you. They laugh and hug. Chandra meets Rudra. Durga gets Siraj. Chandra says I heard much praise about you. The man says its getting tough to make Britishers away. Veer comes to John and says I m ready to describe Azad’s face. John asks why today. Veer says I was scared of him before, but not now. John says I know, you have no more cards left to play, you can’t go back to them. Veer says yes, I didn’t come to ask for money, I want Azad to die.

Tikaram comes and says when did you come here, you won’t get money. John says I know. John asks them to make the sketch. Chandra says all my attempts failed, I lost my dear friends, I didn’t lose courage yet, the battle is still on, I want to free Bhagat, Sukhdev and Rajguru, Yashpal will go and inform them. Yashpal asks who will go and meet Nehru. Durga says Sushila and I will go. Rudra says I will go with them, I want to meet Bhagat. Chandra says fine, Yashpal will go and meet Nehru then, we will meet tomorrow then. Veer gets the sketch made. Tikaram recalls Chandra seeing the sketch. He says Chandra met me and tricked me, what if John knows this, Chandra is really clever, I will encounter him now. John asks him to see the work, memorize the sketch. Tikaram says sorry. Veer says this is Azad. John recalls seeing him.

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