Chandrashekhar 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra meets John

Chandrashekhar 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tikaram getting a fruit. Chandra leaves in disguise. John gets angry and scolds Tikaram for missing Chandra. He asks about the spy. Cop says I think Azad will come in the conference of Simon commission. John says Azad you are very clever, your days are getting down. Bhagat meets Sukhi. Sukhi scolds him for leaving pind. Bhagat says I had no other way, you know what I want. Sukhi says I know, so I forgive you. Bhagat says we should support Lala and oppose Simon Commission, we need other people. Sukhi says Bhagwat went out, Durga is here, when do we have to go. Bhagat says we have to join Lala’s group. Lala Lajpat Rai comes there and meets the people in the press conference. Bhagat greets him and introduces himself and Sukhi/Sukhdev. Bhagat says HSRA will always support you.

Lala says I can’t take your support, you believe in violence. Bhagat says I assure you…. He says you can’t tell about your friends. He asks them to go.

Lala ji talks to them about protesting against Simon Commission. He says they want to snatch our right for freedom. He answers their questions and tells them that Simon commission is made to stop their battle. Bhagat talks to Durga and Sukhi. Sukhi says I understand, I was angry when Lala ji behaved such. Durga says its just about opinion. Bhagat says we will decide till when britishers stay in India. Lala says I oppose Simon commission, I welcome anyone who don’t show violence. Britishers officers talk about the Indians opposing the commissioner. Tikaram tells John that HSRA are joining hands with the youth. John says I just think of Azad, I m trying to reach him and you are so relaxed. Tikaram says no, we will arrest them when we get any info. John says my target is only Azad, catch him or kill him.

Chandra gets the money and gives to Rudra. He says this will help us. A man informs that John has come. Chandra asks how does he know the way, its a matter of concern, you are in trouble, we will vacate this place. Rudra says they just doubt on me, they have no proof. Chandra says I can’t leave you alone, I will come along. Rudra says you are HSRA chief, you can’t take risk. Chandra insists and follows Rudra. Rudra meets John.

John says I will directly ask you, where is Azad, I m sure you will accept that you know Azad. Rudra says yes, I know him, but I can’t say where you will get him. John says don’t act smart, I know you are helping those miscreants. Rudra says my house is under surveillance, I have no privacy, I m a journalist and a sculptor too, I met Chandra and I don’t know anything. John threatens to create a family drama. Rudra asks how dare you get my family in between. John slaps him and says like I dare slap you. Chandra gets angry. John says go and show your cheek to Azad, then I m sure he will come and meet me. He asks Rudra to go. Rudra goes.

John lights a cigarette. Chandra hides his face an comes to help him. He lights the cigarette. John asks who are you. Chandra says the way you are finding me, I thought you will identify me. John says Azad……

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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