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Chandrakanta (Life OK) 9th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sultan’s magical soldiers attack Veeer. Veer says they are not his enemy, so leave his way. They provoke if he is a warrior, then he should fight with them and win. Veer attacks them, but nothing happens to them with sword, but nothing happens to them. Chandrakantha prays god to help Veer fight black magic. Veer thinks they are 7 colors, so will make a single white color, he has to fight with them with black color. He breaks a black stone and throws it on them and they vanish. Sultan informs Krur Singh that Virendra has escaped and reached palace. Champa also informs Chandrakantha. She tries to walk out, but guards stop her. Krur Singh walks out of palace and sees Virendra coming. Sultan asks him to use magical device now. Krur Singh keeps Device on ground and one in Virendra’s

hand bursts. Krur Singh gets happy, but then does not find Virendra’s dead body. He scolds Sutan what happened to dead body. Sultan says land cracked with bomb blast, so Virendra’s body must have been sucked in.

Chandrakantha tries to rush out of palace, but guards stop her and say it is Krur Singh’s order. Krur Singh enters and says Virendra bursted into pieces, what will she do going out now. Chandrakantha warns him to be in his limits. Krur Singh orders guards to take Chandrakantha in. Champ comes and warns them dare not to touch Chandrakantha and takes Chandrakantha in. She says she should calm down until situation stabilizes. Chandrakantha cries sitting in her room. Virendra comes there. She gets happy and asks how did he escape bomb. He says he fought with life to reach her and even death cannot stop him from meeting her. She asks how did he enter palace and disappears from bomb spot. He remembers getting into secret cave after bomb blast and seeing Tej Singh and Chapala there. They say his life is in danger, so they came to save him. He asks which place is this. Chapala says Jai Singh’s father built this secret route to get out palace in danger and he was standing just at its door. Virendra asks how to get out of here. She says he will get into place via the other route and takes him in. Chandrakantha happily hugs him. Virendra asks to seek her mother Ratnagarbha’s help. She says she is neighter helping nor backing off due to present situation.

Jai Singh tells Krur Singh that he heard bomb blast and is worried about Chandrakantha. Krur Singh thinks medicine effect is wearing off. Nazim as Ratnagarbha gives him medicine and he calms down. Krur Singh asks him to rest and leaves. Jai Singh gets romantic with Ratnagarbha and holding her hand asks to sit with him. She nervously says she will check Chandrakantha if she had food or not and rushes out. She then turns back to Nazim and relaxes. Virendra on the other side tells Chandrakantha that it is strange that her mother Ratnaprabha is not helping her. Ratnagarbha/Nazim comes there and knocks door. Virendra asks her to open door and lock it once she comes in. Chandrakantha does same. Ratnagarbha is shocked seeing Virendra and asks if he was dead. Virendra asks how does she know he was dead. She nervously says Krur told, she means he did not tell, she heard someone telling..She asks him to go back before Krur Singh sees and rushes out. Virendra tells Chandrakantha something and asks to do as he says and walks out.

Marich tells Jagannath that Shivdutt is his blood and is very cunning, he can do anything to get talismi powers. Shyamala as a scorpion hears that and informs Shivdutt that Marich knows everything. Shivdutt says he will kill Marich. Shyamala says Marich is very powerful. Shivdtt says he will use her poison to kill Marich.

Nazim informs Krur Singh that Virendra is alive and is in Chandrakantha’s room. Krur Singh rushes to Chandrakantha’s room with soldiers and searches it. Chandrakantha warns how dare he is to search her room. He says he is this kingdom’s security minister and can do anything. Virendra watches all this and once Krur Singh gets alone he drops cloth on his head and beat him nicely and then escapes. Krur Singh shouts who hit him and then boasts that even he hit that person.

Virendra goes to secret underground searching secret place where he met Tej Singh and Chapala. He sees a snake and provokes it to fight with him. He then takes another route. Real Ratnagarbha hears his voice and calls him, but he does not hear her and walks away. He then meets Tej Singh and Chapala and tells he doubts Ratnagarbha and asks Chapala to test if she is real. Chapala throws ayyari churna on Ratnagarbha, but nothing happens. Ratngarbha scolds her. She thinks how can her churna not work. Ratnagarhba/Nazim then rushes to Krur Singh and informs that he exchanged ayyari churn with digestive churna and escaped. They hear Jai Singh addressing in palace. Nazim says he did not give hypnotic medicine to Jai Singh. They both rush to raj darbar. Jai Singh addresses darbaris that looking at current situation, he has decided Chandrakantha to marry Krur Singh. Chandrakantha is shocked. Krur Singh gets happy.

Precap: Marich steps on Shivdutt and says he can kill his own son to get talismi powers. Krur Singh shouts at Chandrakantha that she cannot oppose maharaj’s order. Chandrakantha warns him that she will pull his tongue out. Jai Singh shouts his decision is final and nobody should dare to oppose it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Now Jai Singh is getting really nonsense. How can he announce his daughter marriage with Kroor Singh? Anyways story is getting interesting.


    1. Now i m too confused about rantgrabha present in courtroom??????
    2. Little update is missing?????
    3. It was soo cute to watch romance of virendra and chandrakanta and tej and chapla????????
    4. How can chacha marry his niece??? ???Seriously old time was so confusing???

  3. I think jai singh has got to knw about Krur…as Nazim mentioned that he could not give medicine this morning…n may be Maharani Ratnagarbha has escaped frm that place with the help of Tez Singh…anyway serial is going good..but some more Ayyars should be introduced like Chunnilal Pannalal Ramnarayan Devi Singh..because thse e original characters of the novel..moreover Jagannath should be shown as a wise person not a villain and Shivdutta’s wife is actually Kalawati not any Virchu Kannya

  4. There is s rumours of show going off air in August.

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