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Chandrakanta (Life OK) 8th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sultan shows a route man on which Virendra will travel to reach Vijaygarh. Krur Singh asks what is his plan. Sultan says he has laid bomb all around the route and stick a special material on Virendra’s horse’s feet and it will inform them Virendra’s movement. Krur singh asks what if Virendra comes walking. Sultan shows a device and says if this device touches ground, it will generate electricity and Virendra cannot escape. Krur sees yellow dot on map and asks what is it. He says this is Virendra’s movement and they will know where he has reached. Krur Singh gets happy. Virendra is seeing riding horse and bombs bursting. Chandrakantha hears that and asks Chapala if she heard anything. Chapala says no. Chandrakantha asksk him to go to Navgarhand check if Virendra is fine.


reminisces tantric telling that Shyamala’s mind is like plain paper after rebirth, he can write anything on it. He shows his fake concern for Shyamala and says he loves her a lot and got back to life with great effort. She asks who killed her. He says Virendra, even Marich saw him killing Shyamala but did not do anything as he wants talismi powers. He asks Shyamala to give her poisonous powers so that he can kill their enemy Virendra. Shyamala continues thinking.

Chapala enters Navgarh and thinks how to enter Virendra’s room. She disguises as Tejsingh and silently passes via guards into a room. Tejsingh is present there and says she is so fond of him that she took his form. Chapala changes to herself. Tejsingh says Virendra had locked in here, she saved him. She says that means he favored him. He says kind of and asks why did she come here. She says Virendra’s life is in danger and she needs his help to save him. Padvika comes shouting at Tejsingh. Chapala hides. Padvika scolds Tejsingh that she wanted him to stop Virendra from going out, but he let him go.

Krur Singh looks at map and seeing Virendra’s movement hopes he steps on bomb and dies. Virendra’s horse steps on bomb and falls down. Krur Singh happily jumps that Virendra is dead and he will get Chandrakantha. Nazim says once Krur Sigh marries Chandrakantha, even he wants to marry someone as he is in love. Krur Singh asks who is it. Nazim says Chapala. Chandrakantha comes and says he needs to talk to Krur Singh alone. Krur Singh asks his puppets to leave.

Shivdutt insists Shyamala to give her poison. She says it sis very dangerous. He says she already has given many times and nothing happened to him. She asks what. He says he got bitten by many poisonous creatures, but nothing happened to him. He insists and she bites him. He turns blue and then normal and collapses.

Chadrakantha continues luring Krur Singh and asks him to tell how he will kill their enemy. He says he has laid bomb on enemy’s way and if that fails, he has fixed a device on enemy’s horse feet. Virendra on the other side praises his horse for jumping on time and saving them both. He sees horse’s leg injured and applies mud on it and finds a device. He laughs that Krur Singh is still playing with toys. He asks horse to rest while he goes and meets Krur Singh. Sultan sees that and asks to call Krur Singh. Chandrakantha silently leaves. Nazim comes and says Chandrakantha fooled him and made him reveal all secrets. Krur Singh realizes how he was fooled really. Sultan shows him that Virendra is still alive and is moving. Krur Singh fumes.

Shivdutt wakes up and says Shyamala that she was right, poison has affected his whole body. He then feels gush of power and says he is very powerful now. Badri comes and asks what is Shyamala doing here and reminds her Marich had ordered her not to meet Shivdutt and not to enter Chunargarh. Shivdutt shouts at Badri and warns to be in his limits. Badri goes and informs Jagananth who in turn informs Marich that Shivdutt is plotting against him. Marich asks to show what is he doing now. Shivdutt is seen praising Marich that he showed talismi powers and made a great favor. Marich scolds Jagannath that his son cannot betray him and Jagannath should not try to provoke him against his son again. They then hear Shivdutt laughing that Marich is a fool and showed him talismi secret, now he will get talismi powers instead of Marich.

Chandrakantha sends a message via pigeon to Virendra. Krur Singh enters and fumes that she fooled him, but he has laid many other traps and Virendra will never be able to cross them. Chandrakantha starts praying god for Virendra’s safety.

Precap: Champa tells Chandrakantha that her prayers are heard and Virendra reached palace safely. Sultan asks Krur Singh to use magical device. Krur Singh keeps device on ground and device in Virendra’s hand bursts. Chandrakantha shouts in shock and Krur Singh laughs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Terrorifying episode.. kadam kadam par khatra.. but i hope krur singh truth come out fast and do not drag too much..
    Aaj kal chapla and tej ka romantic track jayda interestimg chal raha bajaye virendra and chandrkanta..
    Thanks for fast update

  2. Where is 9th July 217 written update?

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