Chandrakanta (Life OK) 2nd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta (Life OK) 2nd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Padvika sits crying after Jai’s funeral. Virendra comes and says first father and then Jai Aditya died, their death looks like a conspiracy. Padvika says if he cannot see Vijaygarh’s conspiracy, how can he blindfold himself. She shows him sword and says Vijaygarh took 2 lives, he should kill 10 Vijaygarh royal family members’ head. If he does not, then is understood that he does not care for his father and brother. Chandrakantha on the other side asks Ratnagarbha if she cannot see Krur Singh’s conspiracy, he is behind all this. Nazim disguised as Ratnagarbha says Krur Singh is very loyal and she is thinking wrong. Chandrakantha continues Nazim gets tensed that Chandrakantha will force him to accept truth and continues taking Krur Singh’s side. Veer on the other side tells

Padvika that he wants to take revenge, but without his hands are tied. If he finds Vijaygarh guilty, he will destroy whole vijaygarh.

Nazim as Ratnagarbha gives medicine to Jai Singh and asks him to take medicines on time. Jai Singh drinks and gets hypnotized. Chandrakantha says jai singh that he knows who is behind all conspiracies. Jai Singh asks who. Chandrakantha says Krur Singh, he is the one who is behind all this. Jai Singh shouts at her and says how dare she is to doubt Krur singh and orders not to take Chandrakantha’s orders seriously. Chandrakantha later writes a letter to Virendra about Krur’s conspiracies and sends it via pigeon. She waits for reply. Nazim as Ratnaprabha asks if she is waiting for something and insists. Chandrakantha agrees that she sent a message to Virendra and is awaiting reply.

Shivdutt tells Jhumru about talismati powers and says his father just wants powers and is not worried about his wish and get him Chandrakantha. Jhumru suggests why don’t he get talismi powers. Shivdutt sayshow, he is losing even Shyamala’s powers slowly. Jhumru tells him how to get back Shyamala alive.

Tej Singh catches Chandrakantha’s sent pigeon and gives it to Padvika. Padvika smiles and smiles flies it to Virendra. Virendra reads message and writes reply not to worry, he is coming to handle Krur Singh. Padvika turns into Chapala and reminisces seeing Chandrakantha sad and promising her she will give send message to Virendra safely. Tej Singh returns and sees her, asks why did she come here. She says she is keeping her promise made to Chandrakantha and says Chandrakantha is very sad. Their romantic nok jhok is shown. Servant comes and informs Tej that Padvika is calling him. He leaves. Virendra tries to leave palace. Tej stops him and says he cannot let him go and has to follow his loyalty towards his nation. Virendra says then why did he let letter reach him. Tej singh says he gave message to Padvika, but Padvika was fake, so what he could do.

Krur Singh gets ready wearing makeup and perfume. Nazim and Ahmed taunt him that he is going to meet Chandrakantha. Krur says he is not a dancer that they are taunting him. Krur goes to Chandrakantha and warns her that Virendra will never return, so she should forget him. Chandrakantha argues with him that he can never stop Virendra from coming here and help her.

Shivdutt goes to some temple with Shyamala’s ashes and bones. Tantric does pooja and relives Shyamala and tells Shivdutt that Shyamala’s brain is blank now and he can write whatever he wants on it. Shivdutt laughs.

Virendra walks with Tej saying he showed his loyalty and is trying to stop him. He silently enters room and locks Tej Singh in and says now he can say he tried his best to stop Virendra, but he did not. He heads towards Vijaygarh.

Champa informs Chandrakantha that Krur has planned to kill Virendra and has planted bombs on his way. She reminisces Krur talking to a bomb maker and asks him to demonstrate how his bomb works. Man shows demo and says if Virendra steps on it, he will burst into ashes and Navgarh people will not get his body at all to perform last rights. Krur laughs.

Precap: Chandrakantha waits for Chapala’s message and gets worried for her. Chapala informs Tej that Virendra’s life is in danger and they need to stop Virendra from going to Vijaygarh. Champa says Chandrakantha what if Chandrakantha is in danger.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Poor chandrakanta and virendra.. they are living thier life in too danger.. and under too much tension. They even can’t enjoy their togetherness and are seperated. ???????
    But it was soo cute to watch tej singh and chapla love blossming in air????
    Hope krur singh truth come out soon.

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