Chandrakanta (Life OK) 22nd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta (Life OK) 22nd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijayagarh- Chandrakanta run in garden shouting virendra and someone hold her back, its virendra and they both roll in each other arms and have eye lock with love???? music. Maya bird? shout that chandrakanta got scared.
Chandrakanta says, I got so scared. And who is this maya?
Virendra says (flashback) when I went at Kali Pahadi, he fought with human gorrila?. Intially Gorrila beats Virendra but Virendra tricks it and kill. Virendra take that Tabizz.
Present he tell him story in silent and krur singh see him and say I shall kill him this time and hide behind tree.
Virendra says that this maya is may be our side. He shows her that Tabizz having medicine. Chandrakanta says lets go, but virendra stop her saying we shall save him but need to trick krur singh. He tell her

plan and she goes.
Virendra singh says that krur singh till time you should shift your hair, I shall take my chandrakanta far. Krur singh see him going and say I shall take care you idiot.

Chunargarh- Mareech says that I shall kill all scropians exitence on this Earth. He recite some mantra (can’t understand). Shaymla says I need to stop him.

Vijyagarh- Krur singh throws things (act as normal mad person, though plan by him to misguide jai singh). Jai singh stops him and ask whats the matter? Krur singh says I always obeyed you, and even got ready for marriage, kept quite when chandrakanta was angry, but now I can’t marry her.
Jai singh ask what are you saying, say clearly?
Krur singh says (flashback) Virendra say to Chandrakanta you shall wear your bridal dress and I shall meet you behind mahal, and we shall run, my horse will be standing there and till time anyone realise, I shall take you with me very far.
Jai Singh says How can this virendra do that? I shall kill him right now. Krur singh says right now we shall wait him to enter mahal.(act so innocent but doing for brainwash of Jai singh ?????).
He further say that we shall marry after catching virendra only and touch jai singh feet and he bless and goes.
Nazim and ahemd say we shall keep doing prepartion or not. Krur singh says do.

Chunargarh- Shymla put baba with scorpions and ask him to serve us not mareech. Baba says never. Shymla ask scorpions to bite and they do. Baba hands turns blue and he shouts to stop. He say what do you want?
Shymla says tell where is shivdutt and how to find reth samya yantra?
Mareech is doing havwan and lots of scorpions enter.

Vijyagarh- Krur singh says to nazim and ahmed that their should be no one and lights out side jai singh room in night. Nazim ask why? Krur singh say just wait and watch.
Chandrakanta get ready in bridal dress and think about plan and get scared. Nazim enters but change into tej singh and inform her about changes done by krur singh and assure her to do what virendra asked to do.

Chunargarh- Shymla and baba reaches in den and baba remove fake wall and they see shivdutt.
Shymla say that shivdutt is captured in naagpash (may be like snake hold people). Baba bring some cage and say finish it. Shymla burn it and free shivdutt. Shivdutt says I knew you shall come to save me. And ask baba where is reth samya yantra?
Mareech says that mantra.
Shymla had affects of mantra and she says to shivdutt need to find reith samya yantra and my life and your life is in your hand and she goes after changing into scorpian.
Shivdutt hold baba and he says that its in mareech room but no one knows.
Mareech says mantra and lots of scorpion reaches.
Shivdutt search that yantra in mareech room.
Mareech see scorpion (almost lakhs).
Shivdutt hits wall but its turns out to be fake magical wall and he enter inside.
He see red colored reith samya yantra and hold it and say you must think enemy more intelligent and goes to mareech.
Mareech see that scorpions going inside havan kund and shivdutt says father your day is near.
Mareech says that how come you are free? I shall kill you.
Shivdutt shows reith samya yantra and mareech scares and ask to give it back.
Shivdutt with its powers either capture mareech or kill him (can’t say clearly). Shymla and baba reaches and see all this.

Vijyagarh- krur singh see virendra from telescope(in that period too ???).
Krur singh order soliders to kill virendra.
Virendra climb wall using roap.
Krur inform Jai that Virendra is too bad. He is here to take chandrakanta. Neither He is not scared of me nor respects you.
Jai singh say don’t worry till the time I am alive, no one shall attack my respect. And take out sword.

Virendra enter mahal from window(none able to stop till here??). And says this much andhrea and no solider. He thinks that whats the matter???. He goes futher and is stopped by Jai singh. Jai singh attacks him but Virendra put knife on him. Solider gather around.
Chapla inform chandrakanta about all happening and she goes.
Krur singh shed fake tears and says virendra is traitor. Chandrakanta shed tears.
Krur singh order soliders to kill him. Virendra hold krur leg saying that I did what you asked. Krur jerks him.
Just than real virendra enters. He says that You are clear like snake and eagal but you got captured in your plan.
All 3 ladies and krur singh get shocked ???.

Chandrakanta ask who is he? Nazim says I shall tell and turn into Tej Singh and fake virendra (who holded leg) turn into Nazim. Krur singh says you was with me? Tej says yes, to bring your real face out.
Virendra says what are your planing is getting failed? Now see again one magic. Virendra pull out dragger and Jai singh gets fine. Krur singh act innocent.
Jai singh says whats all happening? Why chandrakanta is wearing bridal dress? What all this?
Virendra says I beg your pardon that its all because of you. As you annoced Chandrakanta marriage with most capable person krur singh. Jai singh get shock ??.
Krur singh ask for blessing. Jai singh jerk him and says why should I do this?
Virendra says this is right but you were hypnothised by krur singh and did what he wanted?
Krur says its all fake.
Just than ratnagarbha arrives and tell truth what krur did. Chandrakanta hugs her and Jai singh ask about her health. Ratnagarbha says its only that but virendra singh even broght remdy from kali padhai. Jai singh say you did everything, thank you.
Virendra says that I know the pain of losting father, and i can’t see chandrakanta bearing same pain. The dragger holded that remedy.
He adds that I saw krur singh listening chandrakanta and me. So i made this plan.
Chandrakanta ask why nazim did all this?

Cave- (Flashback) Virendra and Tej reach in cave. Tej singh change into krur singh and goes with dragger.
Tej jokes that say anything this krur is too tedda like jalebi. ???
Krur /tej say that how are you captured here? Nazim says its his enemies. Krur/Tej frees nazim and says take Virendra face and attack Jai with this dragger. Nazim get scared. Tej/krur says do as I say and rest live upto me, but do it without any mistake. Nazim say yes I shall do without mistake.

(Present) Vijyagarh- Everyone look at krur and nazim.
Jai says that how big plan it was and ask soliders to capture them. Krur, Nazim and Ahmed run and hold sword. Krur say that I am not easy to capture and ask jawla to come.
Jawala come and make fire wall and they run.
Jai order soliders to follow them.
Solider inform that Padvika is reaching for fight as she informed.
Jai singh say but why?
Virendra says its all because of krur who killed JaiAditya and send his body as gift to naugarh.
Ratanagrabha says but he is alive. Chandrakanta says padvika will be happy. Ratanagrabha says I know about his whereabout, you can bring him.
Virendra ask Tej to go naugrah and tell whole matter and truth to padvika and I shall bring jaiaditya and both goes (virendra goes without taking address???).

Jai singh hug chandrakanta and say you beared alot, I promise to set everything right and I shall talk to padvika for marriage of virendra and you. Chandrakanta smiles ????.

Chunargarh- Shivdutt says if I can mareech, I can do anything for tilism powers and chandrakanta.

1. Chandrakanta and Virendra Sagai happens with Chandrakanta music(Jani pehchani hai, khushbo rumani hai…., chandrakanta…)
2.Shivdutt say what to do?
3. Shymla says any person can’t harm but any magical person(amanviya) can harm.
4. Amanviya person legs shown.

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