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Chandrakanta (Life OK) 1st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandrakanatha tries to stop Virendra and says they have to find evidence and reach his father’s murderer. Virendra says nobody can save Shivdutt from him and walks towards Shivdutt. Chandrakanatha calls Virendra and falls from cliff. Virendra falls behind her.

Krur Singh hostages Ratnagarbha and keeps her in his room. Jawala comes and says Tej is very clever and captured him in a bottle and Chandrakanatha took him to Navgarh to prove her innocence, but he escaped. Shivdutt created a havoc and has become very powerful. Krur says that is a good news, there is still hope for him to get Chandrakanatha. Jai Aditya comes and guards stop him. Jwala disappears. Krur asks Jai to come in and greets him. Jai says he came with Maharani Padvika’s message that she has forgiven Chandrakanatha

as she feels Chandrakanatha fell prey to some conspiracy, she wants peace between Navgarh and Vijaygarh. Krur Singh says that is really good. Jai nears Ratnagarbha’s sound and says he can hears some sound near pillar. Krur says it is his imagination as he is tired after traveling. He hugs Jai and stabs him. Jai sees Ratna garbha behind pillar and collapses. Krur says he will get Chandrakanatha at any cost.

Virendra saves Chandrakanatha and they both fall on ground. He scolds her why did she do this. She says Shivdutt was most powerful today and he could not have fought with him, their motto is first to find out Jwala and find out maharaj Surendra’s murderer. He laughs and says right now, her face is stained with mud. She says even his face and she is going to find water and clean her face. He lifts her and says he cannot allow her walk when he is with her. He takes herr to lake and cleans her face. Even she cleans his face. Their romance continues. Jwala reaches there and creates a sandstorm and thinks they are busy in each other’s arms, but don’t know what is awaiting them.

Krur Singh goes to Jai Singh and lies that Rani Padvika has sent a war challenge via Jai Aditya and says she has hostaged rajkumari Chandrakanatha and they should accept this war. Jai Singh shouts he will fight and get back Chandrakanatha and orders to get their army ready.

Padvika gets worried for Virendra and Chandrakantha and think why they did not return yet. Tej Singh comes and informs that they both are safe and Virendra will return after dropping Chandrakanatha at Vijay garh. Padvika says it is a good news.

Shivdutt fumes in front of Marich that he wants to kill his enemy Virendra, but why Marich wants to save him, he wants Chandrakanatha at any cost. Marich says they will get talismi powers only if Chandrakantha and Shivdutt unite. Shivduttt shouts he does not believe in all this and Marich is cooking a fake story to save Virendra. Marich says woman and child’s arrogance is very bad. He calls Jagannath and asks to show talismati truth. Jagannath shows Rani Chandra and Raja Harshvardhan protecting talsim key and dying holding each other’s arms. Shivdutt shouts they are Virendra and Chandrakanatha, what rubbish is this. Marich says they are Rani Chandra and Raja Harshvardhan’s reincarnation and once they reunite, talismati powers will be back and once he gets them, he will be most powerful. He says it is 121 years after that incident and if he does not get talismi power, it will destroy and he cannot let that happen.

Virendra takes Chandrakantha to Vijaygarh. Krur Singh orders soldiers to hold capture Virendra and points sword on him. Jai singh comes. Chandrakanthas says Krur Singh… Jai singh says he knows what happened and orders Virendra to get out of Vijaygarh and forget Chandrakanatha as his mother has sent a war message. Chandrakanatha says this is Krur Singh’s conspiracy. Krur’s puppet Nazim comes disguised as rani Ratngarbha and says Jai Aditya tried to kill her and Krur saved her, Padvika hates them. Chandrakanatha says again this is Krur’s conspiracy, holds knife on her neck and warns Krur to leave Virendra, else she will stab herself. Krur Singh gets worried and leaves Virendra. Ratnagarbha takes Chandrakanatha in and says Padvika really tried to kill her via Jai Aditya, she does not want Chandrakanatha and Virendra’s alliance, so it is better Chandrakantha forgets Virendra.

Shivdutt reminisces Marich’s words and thinks he will get Talsima powers and not Marich.

Krur Singh then goes to Ratnagarbha and asks her to accept him as her son-in-law and get him married to Chandrakanatha. She says never. He says he has already sent his ayyar disguised as Ratnagarbha and has done the damage needed.

Virendra returns back to his palace and is shocked to see Jai Aditya’s dead body. Padvika says Vijaygarh has given them this reward for sending a peace message. She spared even Chandrakanatha thinking she is innocent and sent peace message via Jai Aditya, but they killed Jai and sent his dead body. She says he has to forget Chandrakanatha and take his father and brother’s murder revenge.

Precap: Chandrakanatha tells Jai Singh that Krur Singh is behind this conspiracy Padvika forces Virendra to take oath to kill his father and brother’s murderers. Virendra takes oath.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Bichre virendra and chandrakanta, krur singh ke game ki bali chadd rehe hai.. but i doubt that may be to get tilsim key mareech ya shivdutt indirectly virendra and chandrakanta ki help krenge. Unless jawala singh ka heart change ho jaaye like shaymla.

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