Chandrakanta (Life OK) 16th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta (Life OK) 16th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virendra goes to save Ratnagarbha, but a monster attacks him. Ratnagarbha prays god to save Virendra. Monster throws stones on Virendra, but Virendra escape. A stone hits Virendra and he falls down. Monster tries to step on him. Virendra cuts monster’s legs with his swords and monster falls down. Virendra then goes near Ratnagarbha, but finds a glass like wall. Ratnagarbha signals him, and he says he cannot hear anything. He then sees a stone button and presses it. Glass like walls disappears and Virendra frees Ratnagarbha. Monster appears again. Ratnaprabha says he needs to solve a puzzle to kill his monster and asks him to not worry about her and solve puzzle first. Monster heads towards Ratnagarbha. Virendra finds rose in water, lotus in sand and cactus in soil. He keeps

them in their original place. Monster turns into sand and disappears. Ratnagarbha asks if everything is fine in place. Virendra says Krur Singh has hypnotized maharaj Jai Singh and Jai Singh announced Chandrakantha’s marriage with Krur Singh. Ratnagarbha says it is medicine’s effect and reminisces Krur Singh telling its antidote is on kali pahadi/black mountain’s peak with a baba. Virendra says he will get that antidote. A magical man appears and says Virendra freed him from Krur Singh’s black magic, so he is his owner now. Virendra says one who helps is friend and not slave and asks to take him to black mountain’s peak.

Chandrakantha waits for Virendra in garden and hopes he saves Ratnagarbha soon. Virendra returns and romances her. She asks if maa is safe. He says and tells her whole story and says he is going to get antidote to black mountain. He taunts her that Krur Singh is best match for her and he likes the way Krur Singh shakes his hair tresses. Chandrakantha says he is right, she will marry Krur Singh then. He gets jealous, but smiles and continues his romance. He then leaves.

Chrandrakantha goes to Jai Singh and tells him that Krur Singh gave him hypnotic medicine, so he is taking wrong decisions. Jai Singh slaps her and asks to be in her limits. Krur Singh requests him to be gentle on Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha angrily leaves. Krur Singh then asks his servants to decorate Chandrakantha’s place with flowers and tries to flirt with Chrandrakantha, but she scolds him and leaves. Tej Singh disguised as Nazim goes to Chandrakantha and says he did not get info from Virendra, but Krur Singh wants her to wear bridal dress as he wants to marry her soon. Chnandrakantha fumes and says Virendra will return and teach Krur Singh a nice lesson.

Virendra reaches mountain peak and jumps. He reaches into a magical jungle and climbs tree. Anacondas attack him and he escapes. He reaches Jogi baba who praises his bravery and asks if he came to save a life. Virendra says yes. Jogi says antidote is in flowers around. Virendra touches flower. A bird comes near him and says all flowers are same, but one is different than another, he needs to smell and taste them to find the right one. Virendra sniffs one flower and his nails grow long. Bird laughs. Virendra sniffs another one and he gets horns like bull. Bird laughs. He sniffs another flower and becomes very small. Bird laughs and asks to looks behind. He turns and sees big rat attacking him and runs into a cave. A few men tell Jogi baba trapped even him and tell he can become normal if he sniffs yellow flowers on biggest tree. Virednra asks why did not he get flowers. They say it is huge tree. Virendra runs out and calls bird Maya and says he found flower. She says impossible and comes near him. He jumps on bird and points knife on her. She pleads to spare him, real antidote is in Jogi baba’s taweez. He asks her to take him to yellow flower. She flies. He sniffs flower and falls down. He then asks Jogi to give taweez. Jogi gets angry and warns him to return back. He turns into big monster bear and attacks Virendra.

Padvika finds Virendra’s letter and fumes that Virendra cares more about Chandrakantha than his mother. Soldier says there must be some other meaning behind it. She orders to gather army, they will attack Vijayagarh. Messenger gives message to Jai Singh. Krur Singh says he will ready army to fight. Jai Singh says he should marry Chandrakantha first. Nazim silently slips off and goes to Chandrakantha, then turns into Tej Singh and informs her that Jai singh announced her and Krur Singh’s marriage immediately and Padvika has sent a war message. Chandrakantha fumes. Jogi’s bird comes and taunts Chandrakantha will marry Krur Singh. Chandrakantha shouts at her to get away. Bird asks her to go to garden and see where Virendra is. Chandrakantha runs to garden and searches Virendra. Krur Singh’s puppet informs that she rushed to garden. Krur Singh thinks where she went.

Precap: Shivdutt boasts when he can defeat Marich and get his crown, he can defeat Virendra and get Chandrakantha and talismi powers. Champa informs Chandrakantha that Virendra attacked Jai Singh.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. It is getting super interesting, thanx for the super quick update. please don’t discontinue the show ??


    1. Mareech and shivdutt showed and proved that blood is blood ????, they both are ready to kill each other for powers.
    2. Viru and chandra romance was soo cute??? and best dialogue- you are only mine.
    3. Funny secene when viru chnged into various forms????????

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