Chandrakanta (Life OK) 15th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta (Life OK) 15th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijayagarh- Jai singh declare that chandrakanta marriage will happen with krur singh. Krur singh gets happy. Chandrakanta denies to marry him. Krur singh say that you can’t deny to maharaj decision. Chandrakanta shouts to stop. Maharaj says that you can’t talk in this manner in court room.
Ratnagrbha stop chandrakanta and says go out, we shall talk outside. Chandrakanta with champa and chapla goes and krur singh sorry.

Chunargarh- Shivdutt goes to meet mareech. They both get glad seeing each other, which was fake and hug. Shivdutt ask mareech what happened? What are you thinking? Mareech say that children goes so fast that parents can’t find. Mareech says I am biggest ayyiyar and how did you plan to kill me? Shivdutt says now you know that. Now you have 2 choices

either get out of my way or die. Mareech shout that I am waiting for tilisim since 120 yrs and you want. Shivdutt says you die now and i take tilisim powers. They both fight. And shivdutt cut mareech head.

Vijyagarh- Chandrakanta talk to herself, how krur singh think of this. She think to kill krur singh. Champa stops her saying think by cool mind. Chandrakanta denies saying I need to take some step. Champa says that krur singh is using magic. Please use mind. Chandrakanta think of flashback where virendra asked her to keep eye on ratnagrbha. She says fine, I must send msg to virendra.

Naugrah- Tej singh ask virendra this much you are hurt, why didn’t you tell? Virendra say that we our fighters its normal. Padma walks and says I am terrified being mom. He tell it was all krur singh plan and till you and blessings are with me, I shall be fine. Maharani says you are blind in love. Virendra singh say Till I am here, nothing will happen to anyone or anything belong to naugrah. Maharani say that we are in trouble. If you want me to believe on you, take revenge within 3 days and till that time I shall fast without eating and drinking.

Churangrah- Baba with soliders tries to find shivdutt but is stopped by shymla. Mareech head join back and he says I drank amrit, you can’t do anything. Shivdutt say you wanted virendra to get tilisim powers now I want that. They both fight again. Shymla kill soliders using poision and ask baba to tell idea to kill mareech. Mareech hold shivdutt neck and throw him. And use magic powers to beat him. Mareech says I am your father. I shall kill you like that, even death will get terror.

Vijyagarh and naugrah- Chandrakanta write letter. Virendra is restless. And music play in back groud

Naugrah- some shoes fall and virendra get earing from it. He goes in flashback and remebers that its was the thing. Virendra goes to meet tej singh. You are my friend. I found this earing. Tej singh say its from vijyagarh. He says find out about this earing and its owner.

Vijyagrah- Krur singh and nazim try to find about ratnagarbha. She ask them that what are you doing here? They make story about cat in room. Ratnagarbha changes into shakir, brother of ahmed. Ahmed says that nazim was captured by chandrakanta, so i took ratnagrbha face. Krur singh say be alert during my marriage. I am happy with your work. Both naazim and ahmed hug each other.

Chunargarh- Mareech say I am father and i need tilism power and even I can kill my son for it. He capture shivdutt.

Vijyagarh- champa and chapla meet in corridor and they hug each other. Just than real champa arrives. Chapla confront fake champa and Champa changes into Tej singh. Champa says tej singh its bad to use ayyiyari powers. Tej singh say I was so alone and saw chapla(chapla get shy and music plays), so I hugged her. Chapla ask what is your motive to come here.

Naugrah- virendra reads chandrakanta letter, which says that pitaji and ma are planning to marry me to krur singh. Plz save me, otherwise I shall die. Plz come soon for our love.

Vijyagarh- Chandrakanta says that earing belong to ma. Tej singh say that how it came into surang. Tej singh say that this earring was found by virendra. She thinks and hear noice. Tej singh hides. Krur singh bring Shakun things like sweet, fruits, dress, jewellary. He says that we both are getting married tomorrow, thats why I brought gifts for you. Chandrakanta throws things and say i shall die or kill whole vijyagrah, but will never marry you. Ahmed/ratnagrabha stops her but krur singh says plz maharani its just pre marriage tension. We both shall marry tomorrow by hook or by crook. He goes. Chandrakanta confront ahmed/ratnagrbha about earring. He says where is other one, its must be with you? Chandrakanta says its pushtani, but you never gave me. She goes in flashback and says that its beautiful, ratnagrabha says that we shall give you at your marriage. Ahmed tried to run but tej singh comes and put ayyiar powder. Ahmed comes in his real face and chandrakanta slap him.

Chunargarh- Shymla confront baba. He says that use reith samya yantra. Mareech reach with shivdutt and capture even shymla but she escapes. Marrech says I shall find you soon.

Vijyagarh secret place- nazim and krur singh goes to some sceret place. Virendra arrives at vijyagarh. Tej singh say that it was of ratnagrabha and she is captured by krur singh. And tell it was ahmed/nazim who was in mahal and i captured him. (Too much confusion on ahmed or nazim being ratnagarbha).

Krur singh reaches that place and find some code and see real ratanagrbha there and goes to meet her and inform her about marriage. Real ratanagrbha cruses him and says krur singh, your death is near. Virendra usimg surang reaches same place where he teased snake. Krur singh say to real ratanagrbha that be happy. She denies and maharaj can’t do so. Krur singh say that I used magical power and made my puppet. Ratnagrbha says that every magic has its safety. Krur singh agrees. Virendra search for ratnagrbha. Ratnagrabha prays to god and say save my chandrakanta. Krur singh says same and smile wickedly. He says ask god to make her happy with me. And goes. Virendra comes. Krur singh think someone is coming from otherside. They both goes/hide, don’t know. Virendra reaches near ratnagrabha and find some door. Ratnagrbha shout for him and he sees her. Suddenly some danav comes.

Precap- Maharaj slaps chandrakanta and says that if virendra comes to vijyagrah, I shall kill him into pieces. Chandrakanta says he shall come.
Virendra singh fight with danav.

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  1. So sad to know Chandrakanta’s would be off air, this is an amazing show. We do want it more


    Aaj kal to tej singh and chapla romantic hote jaa rehe hai, virendra and chandrakamta se jayda????????…
    Love is in the air..


    Are you seriou?? Show end ho raha hai ???????????????

  4. I saw after googling, it is said that trp scores are not good, however I think this is a fantastic show. On the contrary it is said that Ekta Kapoor’s Chandrakanta is doing well. I watched that but didn’t enjoy at all.

  5. ekta kapoor s show s TRPs are fake she can buy trps i think and about this show it has 8/9-10 IMDB score and we all know imdb scores cant be bought how can have a low TRPs so the result show us its a dirty politics which needs to take this show off air


    I to don’t like colors chandrakanta. Expect irrawati other artists are tooo bakwas

  7. There is a news about show going off air in August due to low trp ratings. Contrary to that Colors Chandrakanta is doing very well and on top of trp. But our Chandrakanta is far more better than Colors. Don’t know why Ekta Kapoor show always do magic even though is it totally mess.

  8. I tried to watch Ekta Kapoor’s Chandrakanta, oh God!! Virendra is no match to Gaurav Kapoor and Champa is a disaster. Many scene are taken from Prem ya paheli. Music is not good. It is true dirty politics is going. Kritika is too good, we really don’t want this show to end now.

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