Chandrakanta (Colors) 9th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta (Colors) 9th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandrakantha returns with Veer on his horse. Grom’s mother say they were worried unnecessarily, they have such a brave man at home itself to protect Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha father greets them and invites to return tomorrow with baraat. Chandrakantha while broom her house looks at Veer’s gifted bracelet. Veer comes and asks why don’t she remove it. She nervously asks why he came back. He says he had not gone at all and came to take her, why she is marrying forcefully. She asks to stop following her. He says her eyes pulls him towards her. She says her eyes, hair, and what else, he hates them all. He says he loves them and asks why she wants to marry a joker. She says she can how for her parents. He says she should walk with him. She says he did not tell about his parents

are and who he is really, if he really loves his parents. She asks him to leave and walks out. Champa enters and reminds him what he promised his mother. Veer angrily leaves warning to stay away and he knows what he is doing.

Iravathi’s sand soldiers come near Chandrakantha’s house to kill, but protective barrier stops them. They discuss something is stopping them. Champa sees them and thinks of sending Chandrakantha out of house. She sees him walking into Chandrakantha’s room and informs Chandrakantha’s parents that someone entered Chandrakantha’s room. They enter room and see Veer there, ask what is he doing. Chandrakantha wakes up and says he is the one who saved her from enemies. They ask if he came to steal. Veer says he is not a thief and walks out. Champa provokes them to take him to maharaja. Parents hold Virendra and drags him. Champa then provokes Chandrakantha to stop her parents. Chandrakantha runs out of house. Iravathi’s sand soldiers drags her away. Veer runs behind them and orders them to stop. He turns. Iravathi’s soldiers attack Chandrakantha again and he kills them. Kaun hai wo kaun hai wo…song..plays in the background. Chandrakantha asks who is he, what is he up to. If he is Vijaygarh’s prince Virendra, what plan he and his mother have against Suryagarh. She continues and warns that she will kill him if he does not speak.

Raja Avantimala tells Mayavi/Chandrakantha’s aunt that Irvathi is repeatedly attacking them and asks how to tackle Iravathi’s soldiers. Mayavi says they are sand soldiers and cannot be killed. Avantimala orders Krur Singh to head their army as his father is not present and protect their people. Krur Singh gets afraid thinking of fighting. He heads with team to Chandrakantha’s house to find out about sand soldiers. Chandrakantha’s parents gets worried for her. Chandrakantha brings Veer handcuffed and masked like a prisoner. Her parents ask who is he. She says he is the one who saved her from his own soldiers and maybe with a motto, he is Vijaygarh’s rajkumar Virendra Singh. She removes mask and they are all shocked. Krur Singh boasts that he knew Veer is an enemy, so he kept Veer with him to know his moves. She asks Avantimala to arrest Veer and take him from there. Her parents walk along Avanti and team. Umang tells Chandrakantha that Veer tolerated all this as he loves her, else it is easy for hhim to escape. He reminds her what all Veer did for her and says she did a mistake by getting him arrested. Chandrakantha says nothing can be done now. Her parents return and inform that instead of punishing them for keeping Veer with them, Raja Avantimala rewarded them and inviated Chandrakantha to marry in palace.

Veer is locked in jail. Chandrakantha reaches place for wedding and rituals start. Veer removes chains via his magic and frees himself. Soldiers run to inform Avanti. Mayawi reaches and creates a magical protective barrier and says Veer cannot escape now even if he wants to. Umang continues trying to convince Chandrakantha to stop this marriage. Mayawi meets Chandrakantha and tells her Ratnaprabha’s story and her greatness. Chandrakantha asks why is she telling her this story. Mayawi says she needs to know and says she will give her a best gift in her marriage and decorate her mantap with magic. Chandrakantha asks why is she favoring her so much. Mayawi leaves thinking because she is her aunt. Krur Singh provokes Veer and seeing him angry gets afraid. Umang disguised as woman enters holding food for Veer. Krur Singh stops him and asks who send food. He says maharaj and lures him. He permits her. He goes to Veer and informs that he should stop Chandrakantha’s marriage as she also loves him. Veer asks if she told him. He says yes, but then denied, but he is sure Chandrakantha loves her.

Champa meets Iravathi and informs that her soldiers are dead. She fumes and asks who dared to kill them. Her aide says who else then Veer. Champa tells her of Veer being sent to jail. She provokes her to kill Chandrakantha to end all the problems. Avanti’s mahantri says he will go back to Surygarh. Iravathi warns if he tries to escape, he will die. He says only he can go and save Veer. She permits him and he leaves. She then sends her another midget aide to kill Chandrakantha. He turns into bird and reaches palace. He then turns into a kid and hypnotizes groom and his parents that once marriage finishes. Iravati decorates mantap with magic. They walk to mantap without any reaction. Chandrakantha’s parents think they are so happy that they silent. Umang sees Iravathi’s aide who says once Chandrakantha is married, his aides will take away Chandrakantha and his boss Iravathi will kill her. He rushes to Veeer and pleads to save Chandrakantha from Iravathi’s aides. Veer says he is lying. Umang says he is not and can do anything to save his friend Chandrakantha. Veer agrees to save Chandrakantha.

Precap: Veer escapes from jail and reaches Chandrakantha’s wedding venue. Chandrakantha walks towards him leaving wedding midway.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Minieel sunny

    I love this story each day it’s becoming interesting. Veer is awesome.

  2. This is the best show ever..i luv both d leads vishal and madhurima…

  3. prishA chauhaN

    veer and chandrakanta will rock the show

  4. Exactly…excellent storyline as well..sabse bada baath yeh hein ki kitna pyaara jodi hein ..vishal and madhurima…Happy that it’s going well and hope that let there be no unwanted lags like most series…

  5. I like this show so much .
    It is a good replacement for naagin.
    I am getting more interest on this show now..

  6. best serial ever

  7. Sathyaa

    This show is interesting and the they both are rocking… It has Bahubali 2 touch​ and there… Nice show… Waiting for upcoming episodes…

  8. I luv this show… show ever??

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