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Chandrakanta (Colors) 8th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Swayam burns Chandrakantha and Veer’s room angrily seeing them intimate. He throws fire on Veer via back and throws Chandrakantha away from Veer. Chandrakantha tells Veer she is coming towards him. Veer warns not to, esle she will burn. Chandrakantha says if their energies unite, they can set off this fire. They both use thier magical powers and set off fire. Swayam is throw far apart. Chandrakantha and Veer unite and show concern for each other. Iravathi reaches with her close aides and angrily says someone is attacking repeatedly in this palace. Swayam angrily breaks thinks via magic in his room and shouts he failed to separate Chandrakantha and Veer. They all hear him and Chandrakantha runs into his room and sees hi acting as sleeping. She comes out closing room and

does not let Iravathi and others in saying Swayam is sleeping. Iravathi says who was shouting inside Swayam’s room. Chandrakantha says not now. Iravathi says seeing all these incidents, they should postpone Aryan and Sotakshi’s marriage. Iravathi and Chandrakantha together say their marriage should not stop, they mean Aryan and Sotakshi’s.

Raja Avantimala comes to meet Iravathi after hearing about his daughter Sotakshi and Aryan’s alliance. Iravathi greets him. He says he came with a friendship motto. Iravathi introduces him to Daksh and Nishi. Daksh greedily hugs him tightly. She then introduces Aryan as his would be son-in-law. Sonakshi and Sotakshi come and hug him happily. Iravathi announces engagement and gives precious pearl ring to Aryan and asks to put it in Sotakshi’s ring. Avantimala gives more precious nagmani ring to Sotakshi and asks to put it in damadji’s finger. Veer and Chandrakantha’s romance starts. Veer puts ring in Chandrakantha’s hand. Chandrakantha says she did not bring ring with her and puts cucumber piece as ring into his finger. Swayam’s obsession for Chandrakantha increases and he jealously interferes and separates them. Veer lies that he has some work and takes Chandrakantha with her to their room. Swayam angrily walks to his room. Sontakshi thinks if not Veer, she can get his brother and follows Swayam.

Veer takes Chandrakantha to their room. Chandrakantha says he lied and brought her here. He gets romantic. Swayam watches their room’s visuals via his magic and fumes that Veer lied and took away Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha and Veer’s romance continues. Swayam angrily throws magic which hits mirror. Chandrakantha and Veer escape unhurt. Chandrakantha says breaking mirror is abshagun. Veer says it is not and their romance continues. Swawyam get more frustrated seeing this. He hears someone near door and opens it. Sonakshi walks in. He acts and asks what is she doing here. She says she came to get him ready and dorns jewelry on him. He smirks and thinks she will do his work now, hypnotizing her. He takes her to celebration venue. Mehandi ceremony starts. Veer and Chandrakantha’s romantic nok jhok continues. He asks whom she adores more. She says his name starts from V, she means Vishnuji, he is most powerful . Veer feels jealous. Swayam gets more jealous and possessive seeing all this. Chandrakantha also gets mehandi on her hands. Veer asks if she inscribed his name on her hands. She says V. He says Vishnuji. She says yes. Their nok jhok continues. Swayam makes Sonakshi push Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha falls on Sotakshi’s mehandi. Nishi shouts it is abshagun and Iravathi’sbahu should not have done this. Swayam makes Sonakshi speak that Chandrakantha always does mistakes and spoils functions, she is realy bad. Chandrakantha says it was a mistake. Veer says when she is telling, it is true. Nishi asks Iravathi to send her bahu away. Iravathi asks Chandrakantha to go away. Chandrakantha runs. Veer walks behind her.

Swayam stops Veer and says he should go and attend functions as he is future king. Veer says even he can attend function and goes towards Chandrakantha’s room door when Swayam hynotizes servants and make them shout monster. Veer hears that and asking Chandrakantha not to come out of room runs searching monster. Swayam enters Chandrakantha’s room next and tries to brainwash her against Veer. He says Veer should have taken her side, but he did not. He tried to explain Veer to go to ther, but he went to attend guest saying he is rajkumar and has to take care of guests. Chandrakantha says Veer is right, if not var, Devar Swayam is with her, so she need not worry. Swayam fumes but acts;. Veer does not find monster. Tej asks did he. Veer says no. Tej asks if he is searching Chandrakantha. Veer nods yes. Chandrakantha comes out. Their nok jhok starts again. Sotakshi and Aryan’s marriage starts. They start pheras. Chandrakantha standing and Veer standing down take oath with each phera. Swayam fumes seeing that. They take 6 oaths with 6 pheras and before 7th phera, Swayam disappears Chandrakantha with his magic.

Precap: Hynotized Chandrakantha tells Hiranyasur it is good he got her to fulfill hr goal, Mahraja Avantimala wil not tolerate his daughter’s death, he will attack from outside and she will from inside and will end cruel Iravathi’s rule.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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