Chandrakanta (Colors) 8th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandrakanta (Colors) 8th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandrakantha asks Rimjhim/dolphin if she can do magic. Rimjhim makes sound yes. Champa comes and tells Chandrakantha that her mother is waiting for her. Chandrakantha leaves Champa thinks she will get her away from Veer. Chandrakantha’s aunt tells herself that she did not come in front of Chandrakantha to protect her form Iravathi, Chandrakantha is rani Ratnaprabha’s daughter and herself is a big ayyara. She is born to rule Vijaygarh and is a queen.

Champa turns into Virendra seeing Iravathi’s hawk. Virendra asks if it brought maa’s message. Hawk gives him message. He reads that there are many girls in Suryagarh, but he is roaming with a fisherwoman instead, she does not like him and wants him to kill her. Virendra turns into Champa and laughs that even rani Irvathi

wants Chandrakantha dead.

Charankantha rushes home and seeing mom ill says she will do anything for her, she should get well soon. Mom asks her to agree for marriage. Chandrakantha agrees. Boy’s family comes to see her and likes her. Chandrakantha’s father says today they will get them married tomorrow. Veer watches hiding and thinks he will not get her married. He does magic and snacks fly in air. Boy’s family gets afraid seeing magic. Mother says Umang is doing magic and sends him out. Veer drops water and utensil on boy. Boy’s family runs away. Veer gets happy.

Iravat fumes on other side and via magic shows Chandrakantha’s face to her aide and orders to kill her. Chandrakantha in jungle thinks she can do magic and tries to drop flowers with stone. Veer holds stone and does magic. Flowers fall on her. She gs happy and asks how did she do that, if he knows magic. He says yes and he will teach her. She returns home and sees her parents fixing marriage with same guy, thinks she cannot marry as she is not happy. She then sees her father thanking boy’s father for bearing wedding expenses and making him partner in his cloth business. She thinks she should marry for her parent’s happiness. Her mother says she is very lucky to find a boy in 1 day. She gives wedding dress and asks to wear it. Umang waits for Chandrakantha to come out wearing wedding dress. She comes out wearing a short dress. He says it is not looking good, he will decorate it. He stands on cot and air flies his clothes. Chandrakantha laughs. He says that was his magic to see her smile. He will do real magic now. He does magic and changes her dress to black, sadly says what happened to colors. Veeer watches from a distance and changes her dress to a beautiful yelling lehanga choli. Chandrakantha gets happy. Umang thinks he did magic. Chandrakantha then sits for mehandi. Women praise this dress looks very pretty, where did they get from. Umang says magic, then says not magic, he gifted her. Veer fumes looking from a distance. Champa thinks Veer is only hers and she will not let Chandrakantha take her.

Veer goes to arrack shop and gets inebriated. Hutad Hutad song plays in the background. Dancer tries to lure him. He roughens her and pushes saying he gave her price. Champa comes and tries to lure him and says her Veer is back after a long time. She continues luring him.

Chandrakantha’s mother tells her that boy found her and now she should find boy. Chandrakantha goes to room saying she will be back soon. Mother asks Umang to get Chandrakantha once she comes out. Chandrakantha locks room and prays Vishnuji to teach her magic. She disappears. Umang walks in and sees her missing, gets worried. Iravathi’s aide come to kill Chandrakanatha and does not find him in room. Chandrakantha goes to a magical world and sees Veer. She angrily asks if he brought her here. He says yes and expresses his feeling for him. She slaps him and asks to stop joking. He asks to see in her eyes and see his love for her. She says she is getting married. He continues expressing his love and asks to look into his eyes and tell she does not love him. He pulls her near him and asks to go then. She looks into his eyes, but then her father calls him and she says she has to go. Magic disappears and she sees herself outside her house. Sh says he did magic, who is he. He gives her braclet and says it is for her, but she does not take it. Her parents come and takes her away. Veer thinks she can do whatever she can, he will make her wear this bracelet. Teri deewangi…song…plays in the background.

Wedding rituals continue at Chandrakantha’s house. Parents tell groom that they have hidden bride, he has to find out room key and girl. Someone asks what if he does not find out. They say whoever will find key and Chandrakantha will be rewarded with 10 coins by bride. Friends say they will find key and get coins. Veer thinks let them find key, he will get Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha sitting in room reminisces time spent with Veer. Her friends joke groom will find key and get her. Iravathi on the other side with her black magic finds Chandrakantha’s location and informs her aides to go there and kill her via storm. Groom’s friends continue searching key. Veer finds it. Iravathi’s aides come as storm and head towards Chandrakantha’s room. Veer runs to rescue her. Chandrakantha tries to close window unsuccessfully and sees room door locked. Veer’s horse reaches on time and Veer rides on it and reaches Chandrakantha to save her. He asks her to give her hand. She stands hesitantly. He says he is not asking her hand for marriage, it is to save her. She gives hand. He takes her on horse. Iravati’s aides as storm follow his horse. Chandrakantha’s aunt notices on magical dome and thinks this is Iravathi’s black magic trying to harm Chandrakantha. She sends protective barrier to protect Chandrakantha. Barrier stops Iravathi’s aides. They think this girl has magic which is stopping her. Veer continues riding horse with Chandrakantha. Meri plays in the background. Veer dorns his braclet on Chandrakantha’s hand and she looks into Veer’s eyes.

Precap: Chandrakantha’s parents see Veer in Chandrakantha’s room and ask who is he. Chandrakantha says he is one who saved her from attackers, he is Vijaygarh’s rajkumar Veer. Veer is imprisoned. Parents say Chandrakantha will be married in palace and she is seen in mantap with bride in palace. Veer thinks he will not let her marry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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