Chandrakanta (Colors) 7th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Swayam’s Obsession For Chandrakantha Increases

Chandrakanta (Colors) 7th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vaidya treats Swayam. Chandrakantha is also treated by lady vaidya. Iravathi fumes whoever has done that, she will burn him/her alive. Bhadra blames Chandrakantha and says why sent went to prison and got into trouble, she feels she wants to trouble Swayam and Iravathi. Umang angrily asks to stop badmouthing about Chandrakantha, she cannot even hurt a bird, why will she hurt a human. Vaidya asks them to stop shouting and go out. Bhadra asks to mind her business and continues badmouthing about Chandrakantha. Veer enters and warns her to stop badmouthing Chandrakantha. Bhadra says she is telling truth. Veer says Chandrakantha saves people’s lives and does not harm anyone, she even apologized him for mistaking Iravathi, so is so pure hearted. Bhadra continues. Iravathi says she knows

truth as she was present there, if Chandrakantha was not there, they would have died and asks Bhadra to go. She asks vaidya to cure Chandrakantha soon. Bhadra goes out. Gehna holds her neck and shouts even Iravathi is not believing her, she is fit for nothing now. Bhadra asks to trust her. Gehna says she just needs Veer. Bhadra thinks here Gehna and there Iravathi will not spare her, it is better if she finishes Veer itself.

Vaidya asks servant to clean Chandrakantha’s wounds. Servant cleans. Chandrakantha writhes in pain. Veer scolds her and asks Vaidya when she will wake up. Vaidya says he should get a special tree gum from the middle of jungle to cure Chandrakantha. Tej says he knows that tree and will bring it. Vaidya asks Veer to go as he is Chandrakantha’s husband. Chandrakantha opens eyes and takes Veer’s name and then falls asleep again. Veer says he will be with Chandrakantha and asks Tej to get gum. He then asks everyone to go out till gum comes. Vaidya goes out and thinks how will she take Chandrakantha away when Veer is present there and changes to Mayavi. Veer sits next to Chandrakantha and says he will be with her until she wakes up. She opens eyes and says Veer and then falls asleep again. Veer gets emotional and asks her to wake up and fight with him like she used to in Suryagarh, he is getting a laugh remembering those fights. He removes Chandrakantha’s jewelry and holds her in his arms. She opens eyes. He says she acted as unconscious to be in his arms, he is feeling her pain and she is feeling his pain, this is called love. He cleans her wound. She says it is paining. He says once wounds heal, she will be fine. Chandrakantha asks not to leave her alone. He says he will not forever. She asks promise. He says promise.

Chandrakantha falls asleep again. Even Veer falls asleep. A masked person comes and via magic flies Chandrakantha in air and takes her along. Vaidya shows Swayam’s blood to Iravathi and says it has poison in it. Iravathi says that means Swayam did not go to prison himself and Bhadra was right. Vaidya comes and wakes up Veer and says Chandrakantha next treatment phase should start. Veer does not find Chandrakantha. He worriedly goes to Iravathi and informs that Chandrakantha is missing, someone made him sleep via magic and took Chandrakantha. Iravathi says what happened to this place, there are hidden enemies all around. Nishi with mamaji comes and comments why she is worried about Chandrakantha so much. Iravathi warns her to go and stuff food instead of bothering her.

Veer uses his magical tracking device and tracks Chandrakantha’s direction. He follows direction. Mayavi takes Chandrakantha to Vishnu temple via her magic and searches Vishnuji’s holy ash. Veer enters temple following tracking device and thinks Mayavi is trying to kill Chandrakantha. He attacks her. Mayavi says she brought Chandrakantha to cure her. Veer says she helped him save Chandrakantha from Hiranyasur to bring her here and kill later. Mayavi says she really wants to save Chandrakantha and cannot see her being attacked repeatedly in Veer’s palace. She uses holy ash and prayers and cures Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha wakes up and calls her maa, but then seeing Veer calls him. Veer goes and hugs her. Mayavi says Veer now he realized she brought Chandrakantha to cure her and asks him to out as she wants to heal Chandrakantha’s internal injures. Veer walks out and waits. Mayavi scolds Chandrakantha that her life is more important than anyone’s life, even Veer’s life. She asks her to take their favorite god’s oath that she will give importance to her life more than Veer’s life and will work towards her goal. Lamps flicker. Chandrakantha realizes Veer’s life is in danger and runs out. A masked man via magic throws stones on Veer. Chandrakantha runs and saves Veer. They both fall on ground. Mayavi comes and thinks their love is unique.

Umang walks into washing area and gives his clothes to Sonakshi/Sotakshi and asks them to clean prince’s clothes. They get happy, but then realize it is Umang’s clothes. They think they are princess and why should they clean clothes. Aryan comes and says he ask his servants to clean clothes, Sotakshi should meet him in magical room in the evening . Sotakshi agrees. Nishi walks in corridor thinking she is very hungry after having just a few sweets, few rotis, bowls of rice, etc. She sees a shadow and shouts ghost, then relaxes seeing Aryan. She follows Aryan and catches him with Sotakshi. She takes them to Iravathi and Mamaji and says servant is behind her son. Sonakshi says her son is behind her sister. Their argument start. Chandrakantha returns with Veer and realizes it is them. Sotakshi reveals she is Suryagarh’s princess. Iravathi says then they came to spy. Chandrakantha says they are innocent. Veer says he knows them well, they are very innocent. Iravathi approves Aryan and Sotakshi’s marriage. Nishi gets happy that she is getting princess bahu. Gehna watches with Bhadra and fumes there is happiness instead in place now.

Veer proposes Chandrakantha and requests her to marry him. Chandrakantha says they are already married. Veer says they will marry as per rituals again. Chandrakantha shyingly runs aside. Veer holds her from behind and insists. She says she will think. He continues expressing his feelings and says if he does not get her, he will die. She holds his mouth. He asks why she is worried about him so much. She says she is not worried, she loves him. They gets engrasped into each other’s eyes. Masked man watches them hiding. Veer gets romantic. Masked man throws lamp on them. Veer notices that and saves themselves, asks Chandrakantha if she is fine. Masked man burns pillars. Chandrakantha and Veer use their magic to set off fire, but they cannot. Masked man reveals his face and it is Swaywam. Chandrakantha asks Veer why their magic is not working. Veer shouts who set this fire, come in front. Swayam hides. Chandrakantha says this is magical fire. Veer says she is right and it will not off till it burns is prey. He runs on Chandrakantha’s side.

Precap: Veer and Chandrakantha take oath to be with each other till their last breath. Chandrakantha says if she and Veer’s power unite, they can easily set off fire.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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